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Инструкция по эксплуатации Uniden, модель UST-9000

Производитель: Uniden
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Press once to scan 2 channels per second. Press for more than 1 /2 second to scan 12 channels per second. Press the Scan key again or any other key to stop. 5. Channel Up/Down Keys - Press once to change a channel. Press more than 1 /2 second to change 8 channels per second. Release key to stop. 6. V/H Polarity Key - Press to change from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal polarity. 7. Skew +/- - Adjust the skew pulse to fine-tune the television picture. Press + or — until you get the best possible picture. 8. Video Fine +/- - Primarily for Ku band reception. Press and hold the + or - key until a Ku band channel is visible. Press momentarily to fine-tune the picture. Some C band channeis may also need to be fine-tuned by pressing the + or - key momentarily. 9. Audio 1 Keys - Adjust the frequency of the first audio channel from 5 - 8.5 MHz. Press once to step 10 KHz, press more than 1/2 second to change 80 KHz per second. Initial setting is 6.8 MHz for all channels. 10. Audio 2 Keys - Adjust the frequency of the second audio channel. Operation is the same as audio 1. Initial setting is 6.8 MHz for all channels. 11. Mode Key - Press to change the audio mode from mono to discrete, matrix, multiplex and back to mono. 12. N/W Key - Press to change the audio band from wide to narrow or narrow to wide. Initial setting is wide. 13. Station Keys - Allows easy selection of your favorite preprogrammed satellite video channels or satellite radio channels. After selecting the station number, simply press the call key to automatically tune to the preprogrammed satellite and channel. 14. P. Lock - The parental lock allows you to block rec&f" tion of a specific channel. Select the satellite and chaniL for which you wish to block reception. Press the P. Lock key. Whenever that satellite and channel are called the video will be blank and the P.L. LED will light. To release the parental lock call the satellite and channel, then press the P. Lock key for more than 4 seconds. 15. Lock Key - Press to lock the memory. In the lock mode the east and west keys will move the antenna +/- 10 counts for fine-tuning only. Press the Lock key for more than 4 seconds to unlock the memory. 16. Type Key - Select the type of satellite. Operation is the same as No. key. 17. No. Key - Select satellite number. Press once to select next number. Press for more than 1 /2 second to change 4 numbers per second. Release to stop. 18. Call Key - Press to move antenna to satellite and channel shown in display or to tune in a preprogrammed station number. 19. East and West Keys - Press once to change antenna position by one number on the display. Press and hold to move antenna until key is released. 20. DNR Key - Press to turn Dynamic Noise Reduction on or off. 21. Preset Video Key - Press to activate the video stC'™ mode for easy access to your favorite channels. ^ 22. Preset Audio Key - Press to activate the audio station function for easy access to your favorite satellite radio programs. Display I Display D1. LED Level Meter - Indicates the relative strength of D9. Audio Indicator - Lights when the satellite audio the satellite signal. mode is selected. D2. Ku LED - Lights when Ku band is selected. C band DIO. Satellite - Displays the satellite letter and number has no indicator. selected. D3. DNR LED - Lights when DNR function is selected. Dll. P.L. (Parental Lock) LED - Lights when a channel ">4. Narrow LED - Lights when narrow audio band is has been selected that is locked. selected. Wide band has no indicator. D12. V and H LEDs - Lights to indicate vertical or hori- D5. MPX, DISC, MTRX LEDs - Lights when these audio zontal polarity. modes are selected. D13. Channel - Displays the selected channel number. 06. Video Indicator - Lights when the video station D14. Stereo Indicator - Lights to show that the selected mode is selected. audio is in stereo. 07. Lock LED - Lights when the memory lock is on. D15. Audio 1 and Audio 2 - Displays the selected audio 08. Sat. Position/Memory Ch - Displays the antenna frequencies. positon or preset station channel selected. D16. Remote Window - Receives the infrared signal from the handheld remote control. Signal Meter Adjustment Bottom Panel Signal Meter Adjustment - If signal level on meter Is consistently too high, adjust level by turning control with a screwdriver. Rear Panel 1 Rear Panel RI. C Input - F type connector for the 1 GHz IF cable from the LNB or the UST-524 multiple receiver unit. R2. Ku Input - Connect the 1 GHZ IF cable from the Ku LNB for Ku band reception. R3. Descram Out - F type connector for composite vtd- ^ eo output used with a descrambling device. R4. Tl On/Off Switch - Select On to help eliminate microwave (terrestrial) interference, or OFF for normal use. R5. 18V and V/H Switch - Select the + 18V position for single receiver installations. Select the V/H position when using the UST-524 for multiple receiver instal...

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