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Инструкция по эксплуатации Dish Network, модель ViP 922 SlingLoaded

Производитель: Dish Network
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You may also order DISH Network pay-per-view Services by calling 1-877-DISH-PPV (3474-778) and using our automated system, or speaking with a live operator at one of our customer service centers; in either case, a fee will apply as detailed in Section 2(D). Pre-Pay Promotion customers may only order pay-perview Services by calling 1-877-DISH-PPV (3473-778). G.Accessing the Internet Through Your Receiver. Some of our receivers can be used to access websites and information on the Internet. Neither DISH Network nor EchoStar Technologies L.L.C. ("EchoStar") has any control over such websites and information, and neither we nor EchoStar make any representations, warranties or guarantees as to the availability or content ofsuch websites and information, including without limitation: (i) the accuracy, availability, sequence, completeness, timeliness, copyright compliance, legality, content, validity, or quality of any such websites or information; or (ii) whether using the software contained in suchreceivers may result in accessing unintended, inappropriate or objectionable content. We and/or EchoStar may change, limit, suspend, disable and/or remove your ability to access the Internet using your receiver at any time without notice. We and/or EchoStar may also limit or restrict the websites and information that you may access on the Internet using your receiver at any timewithout notice. H. Private Home Viewing Only. DISH Network provides Services to you solely for viewing, use and enjoyment in your private home. You agree that no Services provided to you will be viewed in areas open to the public, commercial establishments or other residential locations. Services may not be rebroadcast or performed, and admission may not be charged for listening to or viewing any Services. If your Services are viewed in an area open to the public, a commercialestablishment or another residential location, we may disconnect your Services and, in addition to all other applicable fees, you must pay us the difference between the price actually paid for Services and the full applicable rate for such Services, regardless of whether we have the right to distribute such Services in such other location. I. Changes in Services Offered. We may add, delete, rearrange and/or change any and all programming, programming packages and other Services that we offer, as well as the prices and fees related to such programming, programming packages and Services, at any time, including without limitation, during any term commitment period to which you have agreed. If a change affects you, we will notify you of such change and its effective date. In the event that we delete, rearrange or change any programming, programming packages or other Services, we have no obligation to replace or supplement such programming, programming packages or other Services. You are not entitled to any refund because of a deletion, rearrangement or change of any programming, programming packages or other Services. 20 J. Promotional Offers and Items. If a third party, such as an independent DISH Network retailer, integrator or private cable operator, offered you a promotional offer or item in connection withyour subscription to the Services, such third party is wholly responsible for fulfilling such promotional offer or providing such promotional item, and DISH Network is not in any way responsible for such fulfillment. 2. BILLING POLICIES; PAYMENTS FOR SERVICES; FEES A. Payments. You agree to pay all amounts billed for Services, as well as all taxes, fees and other charges, if any, that are now or may in the future be assessed in connection with anyServices you receive from us, and any other charges due and owing to us. State and local taxes or reimbursement charges for gross earnings taxes imposed on satellite providers for transmission of programming in some states may apply. Unless you prepay for a multi-monthsubscription to Services or prepay for all Services as required by your participation in a Pre-Pay Promotion, we will bill you monthly in advance for most Services and in arrears for other Services such as pay-per-view ordered by you or anyone who uses your Equipment, whether with or without your permission, until you cancel your Services. Multi-month subscription customers and Pre-Pay Promotion customers will be billed based on your pre-pay period (multimonth subscriptions) or monthly (Pre-Pay Promotion customers), and must make all payments in advance of the due date on your bill in order to continue receiving your Services; you must also pre-pay for all other Services, such as pay-per-view, ordered by you or anyone who uses your Equipment, whether with or without your permission. B. Billing Policies. Your bills will show the total amount due, the payment due date, payments, credits, purchases and other charges to your account. You may submit your payment by mail, on our website, through our AutoPay program, by calling a DISH Network customer service representativ...

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