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Инструкция по эксплуатации MotoSAT, модель WM 1431

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no cable wrapping! • Stylish, low-profile dome geometry. HO0 " ' 119° jj TP • Single-Button Control. • Receive standard signals from Dish Network and DirecTV. • Fast, quiet two-axis motion (Elevation & Azimuth). MotoSAT's™ newest in-motion system will receive standard satellite television signals from either DirecTV 101° and 119° or Dish Network 110° and 119°... and track them while you move! The WM 1431 is MotoSAT’s™ newest, most advanced in-motion system ever. The WM 1431 uses DVB “auto-acquire” technology to locate satellites, and it tracks those satellites as your vehicle moves to allow for virtually uninterrupted signal while you’re in motion. The IDU-1 DVB Controller offers the simplest “One-Button” control technology in the industry... just push a button, and enjoy the show! You’ll be watching your favorite satellite programs within minutes of installation. Designed for DirecTV™ and Dish Network™ subscribers, the WM 1431 delivers premium programming and content. no matter where you are, or where you’re going! D I R E CTV || 800.247.7486 || Sales@MotoSAT.com SMotoSAT THE ww,„uœf IS POWERED BY THE IDU-1 SW7SI/ IDU-1 DVB CONTROLLER INTERFACE: One-button "Select" TUNER: DVB [Digital Video Broadcast] Tuner DIMENSIONS: 9.625" long, 6" wide, 1.625" tall WEIGHT: 2.5 lbs. CONTROLLER VOLTAGE: 12 volt 4 amp DC TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CABLING SUPPLIED INSTALLATION CABLE: 30' RG6 coaxial signal cable 2' RG6 coaxial receiver interface cable MOUNT CABLING: Mount comes pre-wired for single line output ENVIRONMENT ON SATELLITE WIND OPERATIVE RANGE: 120 mph OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE RANGE: -22 F° to 135 F° MOTORS MOVEMENT FUNCTION: Elevation, Azimuth MOTOR VOLTAGE: 12 volt 1.8 amp DC maximum draw at search REFLECTOR SPECIFICATIONS MOVEMENT: 2 axis motor drive [elevation, azimuth] MOUNT DIMENSIONS: 14" Height x 28" Diameter TRACKING CAPABILITY: 50° per second Ask Your Local MotoSÄT Dealer: || 800.247.7486 || Sales@MotoSAT.com...

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