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Инструкция по эксплуатации HTC, модель Touch Pro

Производитель: HTC
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This includes the ISP server phone number, your user name and password. 1. On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then tap All Settings. 2. On the Connections tab, tap Connections. 3. In My ISP, tap Add a new modem connection. 4. In the Select a modem list, select Cellular Line, then tap Next. 5. Enter the ISP server phone number, then tap Next. 6. Enter your user name, password, and any other information required by your ISP, then tap Finish. 8.2 Starting a Data Connection After setting up a data connection such as GPRS/3G or ISP dial-up on your device, you can now connect your device to the Internet. The connection is started automatically when you begin using a program that accesses the Internet such as Opera Mobile. To manually start a data connection If you have set up multiple types of data connections on your device, you can manually start a connection. 1. On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then tap All Settings. 2. On the Connections tab, tap Connections. 3. Tap Manage existing connections. 4. Tap and hold the name of the desired connection, then tap Connect. To disconnect active data connections 1. Tap Start > Programs > Comm Manager. 2. Tap the Data Connection button. Note You cannot reconnect a data connection in Comm Manager. 8.3 Using Opera Mobile™ Opera Mobile™ is a full-featured Internet browser, optimized for use on your device. Note You can also use Internet Explorer® Mobile to browse the web. To open Internet Explorer Mobile, tap Start > Internet Explorer. 123456789 1 Refresh. Tap to reload the web page being viewed. 2 Address bar. Enter the URL of the web site here. 3 Back. Tap to go back to the previous web page viewed. 4 Bookmarks. Tap to go to the Bookmarks screen where you can add a bookmark, edit bookmarked web pages, and send the favorite URL link via one of the Messaging accounts. 5 Tabs. Tap to add a new browsing tab or switch to another existing browsing tab. 6 Home. Tap to go to the Home page. 7 Menu. Tap to open a list where you can change Opera Mobile settings, check downloads, view History, and more. 8 Close tab. Tap to close the current tab. This is only enabled if you have more than one tab opened. 9 Exit Full Screen mode. When browsing the web, Opera Mobile automatically switches to Full screen mode. Tap to show the address and Menu bars again. To open Opera Mobile On the Home screen, slide to the Internet tab and then tap Browser. To go to a web site 1. On the Opera Mobile screen, tap the address bar. 2. Enter the URL address and tap . Search fieldAddress bar Tip When you tap the address bar, a search field also appears. Quickly search the web by entering the search item and tapping . View web pages While browsing web pages, use finger gestures to pan and zoom on the web page. To zoom in, tap your finger twice on the screen. To zoom out, tap your finger twice on the screen again. Tip Touch and hold an empty area on a web page to open a shortcut menu that lets you go back to the previous page, reload the page, add the page as a Favorite, and more. You can also tap and hold a link or image on a web page to open a menu with different options. To change the screen orientation Change the screen orientation by simply turning your device sideways. Opera Mobile menu On the menu bar, tap to open the menu. Tap to open the Settings screen where you can set the default home page, change display settings, set privacy settings, and more. Tap to view items being downloaded. You can also resume or stop current downloads. Tap to view information about the Web page you are browsing. Tap to see web pages that you have viewed. Tap to manage and view web pages that you have saved. Tap to open the Opera Mobile help file. Tap to close Opera Mobile completely. Opera Mobile will not run in the background. Note: For more information about using Opera Mobile, go to: 8.4 Using YouTube™ YouTube™ lets you browse, search, and watch video clips from the YouTube server. Note You need an active connection to use YouTube. If you are using a GPRS/3G connection, your data connection bill may increase significantly due to large file sizes of the videos. To open YouTube Tap Start > Programs > YouTube. Tap to open the Program Guide list. The Program Guide list only appears if you are subscribed to a channel. Displays the current program channel being viewed. Tap to close the YouTube. Tap the arrows to filter the list by Most Viewed, Top Rated, and Featured.Displays the available videos for the selected program channel. Tap a video to watch it. Tap to view details about the video. Tap to switch between the different YouTube screens. Tap to set video playback quality. Browse for videos The Program Guide list lets you change the program channel so you can browse different types of videos available on the YouTube server. By default, there is only one channel in the Program Guide. To add a new program channel into the Program Guide list 1. On the YouTub...

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