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Инструкция по эксплуатации Uniden, модель MC 800

Производитель: Uniden
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Features MC 800 Indicator Unit -Display. Installation -Indicator Unit. Installation -Indicator Unit -2 Installation -Indicator Unit -3 Installation-ConnectingPower Installation-Transducer-General Installation-Transom Mount Installation -Transom Mount. Installation -Thru-Hull Mount. Installation -Wet Box Mount. Installation-Direct Mount Installation-Cabling Operation Basic Operation 1 2 3 ..... 4 ............ 5 6 ............ 7 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ........ "..... 9 .............. 10 11 12 13 .............. 14 ............. 15 .............. 16 17 18 19 Turning the Power on Setting the Auto mode Setting the Depth range Setting the Zoom range Setting the Sweep Speed Operation-Continued 20 Setting the Gain Silencing the Audio Alarms Setting the Shallow Alarm To silence the Shallow Alarm Operation-Continued 21 Setting the Deep Alarm To silence the Deep Alarm Setting the Fish Alarm To silence the Fish Alarm Using the Flash Mode Using the Display Freeze Using the Backlight Operation-Continued 22 Using the Simulator Mode Digital Display Mode Table of Contents AnchorWatch 23 Contour Navigation 24 Interpreting Screen Pictures -1 , 25 Interpreting Screen Pictures -2 .............. 26 Interpreting Screen Pictures -3 .............. 27 Interpreting ScreenPictures -4 .............. 28 Interpreting Screen Pictures -5 .............. 29 Interpreting Screen Pictures -6 .............. 30 Interpreting ScreenPictures -7 .............. 31 Interpreting Screen Pictures -8 ............., 32 Specifications 33 Troubleshooting 34 Warranty 35 Warranty-Cont'd 36 I Welcome! to the world of high tech marine electronics. Your Uniden MC 800 represents the finest in LCD Fishfinding technology. It's Super Twist Nematic Liquid Crystal Display gives you the clearest, easiest to see display in LCD Fishfinders today. And, the display won't "wash out" in bright sunlight like other fishfinders. Unpacking When unpacking your MC 800, the following items should be found in the box. If an item is missing, pleasecontact yqur Uniden dealer immediately. . MC 800 Indicator Unit . 200 KHz Transducer Kit, (Transom or optional Thru-Hull Mount) with a water temperature senser . Power Cable with inline fuse . Gimbal Mounting Bracket . Swivel Mount Kit (optional) . Gimbal Mount Clamping Knobs x2 . Clamping Knob Rubber VVashersx2 . Instruction Manual -1 Controls and Functions 0 ... 1. Power On/Off and Simulation On/Off Key -This key is used to turn the unit on or off, and to begin the simulation mode. Press once to turn the power on, press again to turn the power off. Press and hold for more than 2 seconds when turning the power on to enter the simulation mode. ~ 2. Backlight On/Off Key -This key is used to turn the display backlighting on and off. Press once to turn on, and press again to turn off. ~ 3. Alarm Clear, Alarm Buzzer and Zoom On/Off Key Use this key to shut off the audible alarm when it sounds for either the shallow, deep, or fish alarms. To clear an alarm or zoom, first press the associated key (either shallow, deep fish or zoom) and then press the reset button. - 4. Up or increase Key -This key is used in conjunction with the depth range, zoom range, shallow alarm, deep alarm, gain level, and display sweep speed controls. Pressing this button will increase or raise the appropriate item. ---5. Downor DecreaseKey-This key operates in a similar fashion to the up or increase key, except that this one decreases or lowers the appropriate item. IimimII 6. Depth Range Selection -This key is used with the A and A keys to set the range to display. To set the range, first press this key, t-hen use the A or V key until the desired range is indicated on the display. IE!mII 7. Automatic Operation -Pressing the Auto key tells your MC800 to automatically select the optimum range, gain, and sweep speeds for clearest viewing. The word 11AUTO" is displayed at the bottom of the screen when in this operating mode. II!mDII 8. Gain level Control -This control is used to set the gain of the receive section for maximum clarity. It is usually set to the highest point possible before interference is shown on the screen. To use this function, first press the Gain key, and then use the A and V keys to set the gain to the desired level. The gain is shown on the Gain bar graph at the top of the LCD screen. The gain is adjustable in 8 steps. -2 ;;: Controls and Functions-Cont'd ~ 9. Display Sweep Speed Key with Freeze mode -The Sweep button is used to control the speed at which the display moves across the screen to compensate for boat speed. You can also freeze the display for closer examination of interesting underwater features. To set the display sweep speed, first press the Sweep key (which will freeze the display), and then use the 1\ and V keys to adjust the sweep to the desired speed. The sweep speed is displayed on the Sweep Bar Graph at the bottom of the display. There are eight possible settings for the Sweep speed. ~ 10. Shallow Alarm Set -This control is us...

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