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Инструкция по эксплуатации Parkside, модель XQ600

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J Provide for sufficient ventilation when working plastics, varnishes and paints. J Do not soak materials or surfaces to be worked with liquids containing solvents. The heat generated during sanding can give rise to vapours that are toxic or hazardous to health. J Avoid sanding lead-based paints or other materials that are hazardous to health. J Material containing asbestos may not be worked. Asbestos is considered to be a carcinogen. J Avoid contact with the moving sanding sheet. J Use the appliance only with a sanding sheet in place. J Never use the appliance for purposes other than those intended and only with original components / accessories. J Introduce the appliance to the work piece with it switched on. On task completion, lift the appliance from the work piece and then switch it off. J Permit the switched off appliance to come to a complete standstill before putting it down. J The appliance must always be kept clean, dry and free of oil or grease. Q original accessories / tools J Use only the accessories detailed in the operating instructions. The use of inserted tools or accessories other than those recommended in the operating instructions could lead to you suffering an injury. GB General safety advice/Before use/Commissioning Q Understood everything? J You may begin to work with the appliance when you have familiarised yourself with the instructions, functions and handling of the appliance. The safest work is possible by heeding all information and instructions of the manufacturer. Q Before use Q Changing sanding sheets WaRNING! Before carrying out work on the appliance, always remove the plug from the power socket. The rotary sander is fitted with a velcro rapid attachment, making possible a quick and easy exchange of sanding sheets. Note: Before securing a new sanding sheet remove all dust and dirt from the sander plate j Ensure that the openings in the sanding sheet 9 , 8 . concur with the boreholes of the sanding plate 9 8 . Q Selecting rotation speeds and sanding sheets Removal rate and surface quality The removal rate and the surface quality are determined by the rotation speed and the gritting of the sanding sheet. j Please take note that, for working the various materials, you must select the appropriate sanding sheet, one with a suitable gritting, and match it to an appropriate rotation speed. Material / Working range Softwood Rough finish (Gritting) 60 Fine finish (Gritting) 240 Rotation speed preselection high (E +) Material / Working range Hardwood Rough finish (Gritting) 60 Fine finish (Gritting) 180 Rotation speed preselection high (E +) Material / Working range abrade varnish Rough finish (Gritting) 180 Fine finish (Gritting) 400 Rotation speed preselection medium (-F) Material / Working range Remove paint / varnish Rough finish (Gritting) 40 Fine finish (Gritting) 80 Rotation speed preselection medium to high Material / Working range Metals Rough finish (Gritting) 80 Fine finish (Gritting) 240 Rotation speed preselection medium to high These are noncommittal declarations and recommendations. Q Commissioning The voltage of the power source must tally with the details given on the rating plate of the appliance. Appliances requiring 230 V can also be run on 220 V. Q Switching on and off Notice! Always switch the rotary sander on before applying it to the material to be worked, then make contact with it. When operating the device you can select between intermittent or continuous operation mode To switch on intermittent operation mode: j Press the On/Off switch 2. GB Commissioning To switch off intermittent operation mode: j Release the On / Off switch 2 . Switching on for sustained operation: j Press the On / Off switch 2 and, at the same 3 .time, secure it with the locking button Switching off after sustained operation: j Press the On/Off switch 2 and then release it. Rotation preselection: j Select the desired rotation with the adjusting wheel rotation speed selector 5 . DUo-STaRT function/Reduced idling rotation speed: The appliance is fitted with a reducer for the rotation speed when idling.The full motor performance resp. the preselected rotation speed becomes available with the additional activation of a DUO-START switch. j Activate either the Front switch DUO START10 or the Hand switch STARTDUO 1 (see Figs. A, B, C). This makes possible a gentler touch down onto the work piece. Note: The front switch DUO START10 springs back into the starting position on being released. Q Dust suction WaRNING! FIRE HazaRD! A risk of fire exists when working with electrical appliances that have a dust collection box or can be connected to an external collection unit via a dust suction adapter! Under unfavourable conditions, such as flying sparks, grinding of metal or metal remnants in wood, the wood dust in the dust sack (or in the dust sack of a vacuum cleaner) can ignite.This can happen especially if the wood dust has paint particles on it or is mixed with other chemical substances and the ma...

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