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Инструкция по эксплуатации Alcatel-Lucent, модель OmniSwitch 9000

Производитель: Alcatel-Lucent
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300 DECT Wireless Terminals 300 DECT 400 DECT • Graphic display • 98 x 66 Color LCD with (pixels) 96 x 48 4,096 colors Monochrome LCD • Speakerphone • Backlight Display (blue) • Backlight Display (white) and keypad (blue) • Headset connection OmniVista / Management VitalSuite Performance Management Software • Centrally manages network, application and service quality • Real-time event analysis and alarming • Out-of-the-box support • VoIP testing of audio and signaling performance indicators • OmniPCX Enterprise Integrated call and system monitoring • System Level Key Performance Indicators OmniVista 4760 NMS application suite • Centralised management platform • 600 OmniPCX nodes • 100,000* Users • 200,000 Directory entries • 30 simultaneous web based or Java clients Services • User-friendly Confi guration • Network maintenance • Operations audit • Real-Time Alarms • Tailored and animated Topology maps • Multi-carrier Metering • Performance analysis • VoIP quality monitoring • Company Directory • Third-party SIP devices management • Integration with Network Management Platforms * Application distributed on multiple servers Topology Map Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX EnterpriseCommunication Server Genesys Suite THE WINNING COMBINATION Converged Technical Support Predictable deployments avoid the hassle of cross compatibility issues R&D Synergy Superior level of integration "The Alcatel-Lucent stamp" Alcatel-Lucent Professional Services Genesys certified engineering team - "out of the box" customizations Collaboration CCteamer, presence based routing Video Contact Center Partnership with leading video providers Applications IP phones Advanced agent workplaces ONE STOP VENDOR EXTENDED INTERACTIONS Wallboard Attendant Directory Distribution Matrix Blade Center Event summary on IP desktop softphone Event summary balloon 4068 IP Touch OmniGenesys Contact Center 4008 IP Touch Cellular Extension Radio-based Station DECT Cabinet M2Rack 1 and Rack 3 Appliance Server 4028 IP Touch Bluetooth Handset Nokia ICC OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition • 5,000 Declared agents • 5,000 Agents with private extension • 1,000 CCA Soft phone agents • 1,000 CCO Outbound agents • 1,000 CTI supervision • Advanced Call Routing (Skill mapping) • 30 Supervision CCS • 30 RTI Wallboard connections • 8 Wall board Serial links • 1 Work Force Management interface • CCIVR OmniTouch Contact Center Premium Edition • CC Interaction -150 Incoming Voice Agents with CTI supervision -150 Outgoing Voice Preview and Predictive Agents -150 Agent scripting -150 Email Agents • Actionable CC -15 Visual CC (Supervisors) • Visual IVR • Exposure CC -Developer SDK -Openness Pack Reporting -Openness Pack Workforce Management -Openness Pack IVR and Wallboard • Adapters -G+ Adapters for Microsoft CRM -G+ Adapters for SAP ERP -G+ Adapters for SAP CRM OmniGenesys Contact Center Solution • Scalable Solution -Unlimited number of Multi Media Blended • Customer Interactions -Inbound Voice, Outbound Voice -Self-S...

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