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Инструкция по эксплуатации National Instruments, модель GPIB GPIB-ENET/100

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IP input/output Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers inches Internet Protocol L lb. LED pounds light-emitting diode GPIB-ENET/100 for Mac OS G-2 ni.com Glossary Glossary m MB meters megabytes of memory N NIC network interface card S s seconds V V VAC volts volts alternating current © National Instruments Corporation G-3 GPIB-ENET/100 for Mac OS Index A connection speed, 1-4 connector types, C-2 adding a GPIB-ENET/100 conventions, xi to GPIB system, 4-1 crashing at startup, B-3 to network, 2-4 Customer Education, D-1 C cables Ethernet connection, 2-3 GPIB cable types, 1-2 GPIB connection, 5-2 network cable types, 1-1 power connection, 2-3 CFG RESET switch accessing Ethernet Device Configuration utility, 6-3 if hosts are connected, 6-3 location, 2-3 resetting default network configuration, 2-5 using at power-on, 6-4 using during operation, 6-3 comment (optional) to identify device on network, 3-6 common questions, B-2 communication problems between driver and GPIB-ENET/100, B-5 with Ethernet Device Configuration utility, B-4 Configuration Reset switch. See CFG RESET switch configuring network parameters, 3-2 NI-488.2, 4-1 connecting cables, 2-3 GPIB devices (caution), 2-4 D default configuration resetting, 2-5, 6-4 specifications, 2-2 default hostname finding, 2-2 using with NI-488 Config, 4-2 DHCP benefits and purpose, 6-1 communication failure with DNS, 6-2 configuring network settings automatically, 2-5 configuring network settings without DHCP, 2-5, 3-1, 3-5 confirming its availability, 2-4 failing to provide IP address, 6-2 registering hostname and IP address, 3-4 risks for failure, 6-1 time required to complete, 2-5 using with DNS, 3-5, 6-1 distance capabilities, 1-3 DNS if not supported, 3-5 manually inserting hostname in DNS table, 6-2 using with DHCP, 3-5, 6-1 DNS server, 3-6 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. See DHCP © National Instruments Corporation I-1 GPIB-ENET/100 for Mac OS Index Index electrical characteristics, C-1 environmental characteristics, C-1 error checking, B-5 error code, A-1 Ethernet address, 2-2 Ethernet connection location, 2-3 Ethernet Device Configuration utility ! shown on device listing, 3-8 accessing during normal operation, 6-3 busy device, 3-3, B-3, B-5 example (figure), 3-2 GPIB-ENET, B-4 if GPIB-ENET/100 is not listed, B-4 locating and starting, 3-2 network configuration mode, 3-1 Refresh option, 3-3, B-4 unconfigured device, 3-3 verifying hostname, 3-8 viewing settings in normal mode, 3-1 when to use, 2-5, 3-1 Ethernet Device Firmware Update utility Bad checksum message, B-4 before using, 6-4 example (figure), 6-5 important warning, 6-4 location and starting, 6-5 using, 6-4 when to use, 6-4 Ethernet settings in NI-488 Config, 4-2 F failed device reported by PWR/RDY LED, 2-5, A-1 firmware updating, 6-4 front panel (figure), 1-3 G gateway IP, 3-6 getting started, 1-1 glossary, G-1 GPIB cable connecting, 2-4, 5-2 when to install, 5-2 GPIB communication, B-5 GPIB Configuration utility. See NI-488 Config GPIB connection location, 2-3 GPIB-ENET configuring, B-3 replacing with GPIB-ENET/100, B-3 using with GPIB-ENET/100, B-3 GPIB-ENET/100 front panel (figure), 1-3 hardware overview, 1-2 installing, 2-2 network properties, 3-4 rear panel (figure), 2-3 H hardware overview, 1-2 hostname accepting DNS hostname, 3-8 changing DNS entry, 3-8 default hostname, 2-2 editing, 3-8 fixing verification error, 3-8 using to identify device, 6-2 using with NI-488 Config, 4-3 verifying, 3-8 viewing or changing, 3-4 GPIB-ENET/100 for Mac OS I-2 ni.com Index Index using, 6-6, B-5 information to record, 2-2 INIT files managing and renaming, B-3 installation disabling virus protection, 2-1 Ethernet cable, 2-3 getting started, 1-1 GPIB cable, 5-2 GPIB-ENET/100, 2-2 NI-488.2, 2-1 power cable, 2-3 verification, 5-1 IP address acquiring automatically using DHCP, 2-5 choosing static IP address, 3-6 defined, 3-6 examples of valid and invalid IP addresses (table), 3-7 format, 3-6 static IP address, 6-2 using with NI-488 Config, 4-3 IP parameters DNS server, 3-6 gateway IP, 3-6 if assigned by network administrator, 3-6 if assigned by user, 3-7 IP address, 3-6 subnet mask, 3-6 K kit contents, 1-1 L label example (figure), 2-2 information to record, 2-2 location, 2-2 LabVIEW, 1-5 LEDs description of each (table), 1-4 overview, 1-3 license multiple-computer software license, 1-2 N National Instruments software LabVIEW, 1-5 National Instruments Web support, D-1 network administrator assigning IP parameters, 3-6 confirming DHCP availability, 2-4 if DHCP fails, 6-2 network configuration mode accessing with CFG RESET switch, 6-3 entering automatically, 3-1 when not required, 3-1 when to use, 3-1 network settings changing, 3-4 configuring with DHCP, 2-5 configuring without DHCP, 2-5, 3-1, 3-5 network specifications, C-2 NI Developer Zone, D-1 NI Ethernet Device Configuration utility. See Ethernet Device Configuration utility NI Ethernet Device Firmware utility. See Ethernet Device Firmware utility ©...

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