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Инструкция по эксплуатации AmbiCom, модель Wireless LAN SD Card WL11-SD

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To learn about the utility, refer to your Windows Mobile 2003 manual. For help, tap Start .. Help. Whenever you insert the AmbiCom WL11-SD card, the driver is loaded. The driver starts with loading/initialization of the card type. After it is completed show in Figures 8 and 9 appear. You can choose the AP they want to connect to. Figures 8 Figures 9 Note: In most cases, you should choose The Internet. If your network uses a VPN/proxy server, refer to the Windows Mobile 2003 manual for instructions. A Network (WEP) Windows will appear that will allow you to enter a WEP key if required. Note: You can enter the key in hexadecimal or ASCII format. When you have connected, the “x” will disappear from the connection icon at the top of the screen. The Network setting can be seen by going to Settings..Connections, select Connections icons, then select Advanced, Network Card, like Figures 10. Figures 10 AP can be added by clicking “Add New” in Figure 10. A Windows popped up as shown in Figure 13. Otherwise AP “Buffalo” can be selected by clicking on it. Another set of menu popped up: General, Network Key, and 802.1x. They are shown in Figures 11, and 12 respectively. Figures 11 Figures 12 Figures 13 The connected AP “Buffalo” can be verified further. A green icon should come up at the bottom showing that an AP is connected, as shown in Figure 14. This should happen right after “Buffalo” is selected and connected. The Status menu in the GUI is shown in Figure 15. Figures 14 Figures 15 6.2 WPA and 802.1x Authentication Configuration This section explains how to use the SDIO WLAN Card with Windows Mobile 2003 to connect to WPA or 802.1x network. Before you try to connect, be sure to install software and insert the card. 1. Prepare Network Information Verify Card and Network Compatibility WLAN SD card cannot connect to an 802.1x network unless the network satisfies the four requirements below. Consult with your network administrator. - Windows Internet Information Service (IIS) - Windows Internet Authentication Service (IAS) - Windows Certification Authority (CA) with automatic approval and correct Pocket PC certificate format (via MS certificate template) - Access point configured only for 802.1x (i.e., no multi-mode support or static 128-bit WEP keys) Note: For more information, please refer to Prepare Security Settings If the network is compatible, ask the administrator for necessary security settings: - Wireless network name, known as ESSID or SSID (case sensitive) - Authentication type, user name, password - Use of either DHCP or Static IP to assign IP addresses - Authentication permission restrictions (e.g., domain administrators only) Note: If your network only allows domain administrators to authenticate, ask your network administrator to assign you this privilege. Obtain 802.1x Certificate(s) Ask the administrator for a copy of the root certificate from a Trusted Root Authority (no intermediary authority). EAP-TLS only: You also need to set up a cabled connection to the network to install a personal certificate. 2. 802.1x Networks for Windows Mobile 2003 Here is the setup for the Wireless Network PC Card under Windows Mobile 2003. 2.1 Install 802.1x Certificates If your network uses EAP-TLS authentication, you also need to install a user (client) certificate. There are three primary methods for installing a user certificate: using auto-enrollment, importing a certificate file, and using Internet Explorer and web enrollment to request a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA). Consult with your network administrator for instructions. For more information, please refer to Web enrollment on Windows 2000/2003 uses ActiveX, which is only supported by desktop Windows versions. Microsoft has come up with the following solution for Pocket PC: a separate ENROLL program for PPC which sends a certificate request to the webserver and retrieves the certificate from it after the CA has issued it. The procedure is as follows: A. Download the ENROLL program form PDA manufacturer Web site. B. Make an active connection between your Pocket PC and host PC. Use ActiveSync and a serial/USB/Ethernet cable or cradle. C. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to access your Mobile Device and copy the ENROLL.EXE and ENROLL.CFG into the MY Documents folder of the Pocket PC. D. Edit the ENROLL.CFG file: change the server address and enter Windows 2000/2003's server name/IP address. Also enter the name and password of the user account on the Windows 2000/2003 server (will be sent unencrypted (!) over the network so that the rightful owner obtains the certificate). E. Run ENROLL.EXE. F. Enter the User, Password, and Server information as supplied by your network administrator. Tap OK. G. The program will generate a private key, stores it in its certificate store. It also generates a CSR and submits it to the Windows 2000/2003 server. H. The ce...

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