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Инструкция по эксплуатации Adder Technology, модель X200

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erinformation Welcome Introduction Thank you for choosing the Adder X200 extender Peripheral connections to each computer system are Special circuitry within the remote module allows set. These compact modules allow you to remotely handled by Computer Access Modules (or CAMs). you to make adjustments to the sharpness and control up to two computer systems from a The long distance link between the CAMs and the brightness settings to suit your own preferences. common keyboard, video monitor, mouse and common X200 module is made via Category 5, 5e speaker set. The controlling peripherals can be or 6 twisted pair cabling. situated up to 300 metres* from each computer system (* X200AS skew compensation model). { PSUX200CAMCAMPC1PC2AUDIOAUDIOKEYB/MOUSEKEYB/MOUSEVIDEOVIDEO X200 model range Extender pair packages (X 00 + CAM) X200-USB/P 100m extender pair, USB CAM, no audio, no de-skew X200A-USB/P 100m extender pair, USB CAM, audio, no de-skew X200AS-USB/P 300m extender pair, USB CAM, audio and de-skew X 00 receivers only (for use with CATx switches etc.) X200 modules can be used to connect to individual computer systems via CAMs or to many computers via AdderView CATx switches welcome contentsinstallationspecialfurt . er& operationconfiguration information X200 /R 100m receiver, no audio, no de-skew X200A /R 100m receiver, audio, no de-skew X200AS /R 300m receiver, audio and de-skew Supplied items What you may additionally need REMOTEADDER® PWRTOLOCAL1TOLOCAL2Computer Access Module (CAM) Supplied as standard only in X 00 Module Available with or without audio and skew compensation capabilities Additional Computer Access Module (CAM) modules: USB CAM, no audio Part number: CATX-USB USB CAM with audio Part number: CATX-USBA PS/ CAM Part number: CATX-PS PS/ CAM with audio Part number: CATX-PS A SUN CAM with audio Part number: CATX-SUNA contentsVideo PS/2-style.mouse PS/ -style keyboard Audio USB keyboard/mouse Sun keyboard/mouse extender pair packages, otherwise available as options - see opposite. Serial flash upgrade cable (4-way jack connector to 9-way D-type male serial connector) - not pictured Part number: CAB-9DF-RJ9- M Power adapter and country- specific power lead CD-ROM welcome installation& operationspecialconfiguration furt . erinformation Four self- adhesive rubber feet Installation & Operation Connections Installation of the X200 modules is straightforward and minimal configuration requirements in most cases. Each of the (up to) two moulded CAMs (Computer Access Modules) connect directly to a computer system, while the remote X200 module is at the other end of the twisted pair cable runs and attaches to the keyboard, mouse, etc. X200 receiver units can also be used with AdderView CATx switches to allow one or more user consoles to be placed remotely from the central unit. • Connections.at.each.CAM.(local).unit • Connections.at.the.X200.(remote).module Cable length advice The X200 modules support twisted-pair structured cabling within categories 5, 5e and 6. Of these three cable types, category 5 generally provides the best transmission of video signals because its four pairs of conductors are the most evenly twisted. Category 5e and 6 cables use conductor pairs that are unevenly twisted in order to combat interference effects encountered within higher frequency networks. While these uneven twists work well for Ethernet signals, they can impose problems for the video signals transceived by the X200 modules. The X200 modules send the red, green and blue video signals on separate twisted pairs within the cable. If any of the colour signals are made to travel slightly further or shorter distances than the others, the result is seen as misaligned colours on screen. This is called skew and becomes more noticeable as cable runs become longer and screen resolutions/refresh rates increase. As an approximate guide, you should expect the following maximum cable lengths: Resolution X 00 without de-skew X 00 with de-skew 1920 x 1200 50m 50m 1600 x 1200 100m 200m 1280 x 1024 -300m When used with an AdderView CATx switch It is possible to locate each CAM up to 50 metres from the AdderView CATx switch. This distance must be taken into account when planning the cable run from the X200 to the CATx switch. The total distance from any X200 to any CAM must not exceed 300 metres (or less if an X200 without de-skew is used). REMOTEUSERX200CAMCOMPUTERSYSTEM 300 metres (980 feet) 50 metres maximum (160 feet) maximum Overall maximum length between any remote user and any host system must not exceed 300 metres (980 feet) welcome contentsinstallation & operationspecialconfiguration furt . erinformation Connections at each CAM (local) unit 1 Where possible ensure that power is disconnected from the system(s) to be connected. For CAMs with PS/2 keyboard and mouse connections, see Hot. plugging.PS/2-style.connections.and.mouse.restoration. 2 For each CAM, attach its various connectors to the relevant sockets on the computer system. C...

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