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Инструкция по эксплуатации Alcatel-Lucent, модель WiMAX

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Alcatel-Lucent provides the industry’s first comprehensive package of WiMAX infrastructure and services to meet these crucial requirements. Fully integrated and tested, the solution includes: • All elements required for launching essential services — quality high-speed Internet and voice — with minimal start-up pain and risk • An optimized end-to-end approach that maintains unrivalled QoS and quality of experience for end users, even amid rapid expansion of subscribers and traffic • The tools needed to introduce mobile interactive multimedia services at the right time for your WiMAX business 2 Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-Broadband Solution for WiMAX Meeting the fast-paced challenges of universal broadband WiMAX offers operators the opportunity to capture the three main pieces of the universal broadband industry trend in a single technology, regardless of whether they are building on an existing business and subscriber base, or starting from scratch: • Ubiquity – untethering the broadband experience from fixed locations, for access anywhere • Always on – continuous broadband availability from the moment the end user wakes in the morning until they retire at night • All-IP – delivery of broadband over 100 percent IP networks offering optimized economics, simplicity and performance However, in deploying WiMAX today, operators find themselves in unfamiliar territory. The radio technology is new so standard procedures are not established, and even for experienced mobile service providers, the IP networking aspect is a whole new world. There is an elevated need for assurances of a fast, ready-to market approach, reduced risk and reduced network complexity — both for the initial and subsequent steps in the business. Significant market changes must be anticipated, as the arrival of mobile WiMAX devices and handhelds will soon begin to change users’ needs from more classical PC-oriented services to more personalized ones. The rapid ramp-up in subscribers and traffic will also put pressure on service providers to maintain consistent, high-quality service delivery. Figure 1. Today’s requirements for profitable service delivery Strategic needs • Move up value chain• Make services more sticky, personalizedto leverage and monetize thebroadband connection• New revenue streams, business models Operational needs Despite rapid subscriber/ traffic growth: • Maintain high QoS/QoE• Control costs Business-driver needs • Rapid rollout • Reliability: HSI and VoIP • Solid terminal offer Differentiate offer, grow revenue Sustainable Expansion 3 Cs: cost-effective, coverage and capacity Start Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-Broadband Solution for WiMAX 3 The requirements for launching a sustainable WiMAX business play out in three steps: Step 1: Cost-effective coverage and capacity – The initial need is to roll out high-speed Internet and VoIP services quickly and economically, with a high standard of QoS and quality of experience (QoE) for end users. Step 2: Sustainable expansion – In the next phase, as your subscriber base and resulting network traffic grows rapidly, you must maintain this outstanding quality of experience and be able to scale the network at optimized cost. Step 3: Differentiated services that grow revenue – Finally, your competitive need will be to differentiate your service offer, with personalized mobile multimedia applications that enable you to leverage the broadband connection and move up the value chain. Not only can these steps generate new revenue opportunities, but also allow you to take advantage of new business models. The Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-Broadband Solution for WiMAX Alcatel-Lucent provides the industry’s first comprehensive solution for launching a WiMAX business and addressing the long-term challenges of rapid growth and service evolution. It includes the essentials required for rolling out successful high-speed Internet and VoIP services today, using a fully integrated and tested package that accelerates time to market and minimizes risk. With its optimized, end-to-end approach, this solution supports exceptional QoS and QoE for end users from its onset — and helps maintain service quality as the number of subscribers scales to mass subscriber levels. It is also designed to give you an advanced start when you decide to introduce rich, interactive multimedia services over a growing spectrum of mobile devices. These differentiated offerings can help increase revenues, maintain customer satisfaction and reduce churn. 4 Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-Broadband Solution for WiMAX Only Alcatel-Lucent offers a complete, pre-integrated package of products and services, allowing you to fully benefit from the potential of WiMAX Rev-e todayandthroughoutthenextwaveofmarketchallenges.Thestrengthofthissolution is based on: • Best-in-classWiMAXRev-etechnology• Packet-optimizedbackhaulandtransport• GlobalIPnetworkintegrationexpertise• IPmasteryforunrivalledQoS/QoE• Servic...

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