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Инструкция по эксплуатации ABL electronic, модель ZRW113

Производитель: ABL electronic
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The proper operation of this node in the mesh network is dependent on it knowing its location with respect to other nodes. You cannot “test bench” configure this module, then install. The ZRW113 Isolated Contact Wall Mounted 3-Way Switch is a component of the HomePro lighting control system. Wire the Wall Mounted Switch in place of the standard wall switch according to the diagram above and program from the Wireless Controller to operate loads. Inclusion of this Switch on the ZTH100 Wireless Controller menu allows remote ON/OFF control of lamps connected. This Wall Mounted Switch is designed to work with other Z-Wave enabled devices. Z-Wave nodes of other types can be added to the system and will also act as repeaters if they support this function of repeating the signal received to other modules in the system. As part of a Z-Wave network, the ZRW113 will also act as a wireless repeater to insure that commands intended for another device in the network are received. This is useful when the device would otherwise be out of the radio range of the wireless controller. There are no field repairable assemblies on this unit.. If service is needed, the unit must be returned where purchased. DANGER! SHOCK HAZARD.! Read and understand these instructions before installing. This device is intended for installation in accordance with the National Electric code and local regulations in the United States, or the Canadian Electrical Code and local regulations in Canada. It is recommended that a qualified electrician perform this installation. Make sure the load controlled by the switch does not exceed 5540 watts. For indoor use only. Retain instructions for future use. INSTALLATION Wire the ZRW113 in place of a current wall switch according to the diagram above. When used, AS101’s are required to be wired to the same line (or neutral) which is also wired to the master unit as well as the load being controlled, and not wired to any other neutral. If multiple neutrals are tied together in one box, separate the neutrals to preserve the integrity of the ZRW113 circuit. Caution! Do not wire unit “live” (with power on the circuit) and do not allow the yellow wire to contact line voltage, neutral or ground or you will damage the device. See the ZTH100 Wireless Controller operating instructions to add this module under the command of the Wireless Controller. HomePro 0766-01 Z-Wave ZRW113 Instructions, Series 200, Release 2.2 by ADVANCED CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 1 P/D 011008 INCLUDING ZRW113 TO THE NETWORK STEP 1.. Prepare the Controller to include a unit to the network by adding it to a group (method of adding a node to the network). Refer to controller instructions. STEP 2. The ZRW113 must be in its permanently installed location. Tap either the top or bottom of the ZRW113 once. STEP 3. You should see an indication on your Controller that the “DEVICE WAS INCLUDED” in the network. NOTE: If you have trouble adding the ZRW113 to a group it may be that the Home ID and Node ID were not cleared from it after testing. You must first “RESET UNIT” with your controller to remove it from the network. If using the ZTH100, select “MENU”, scroll to “SETUP” and scroll to “RESET UNIT” Although adding it to a group includes it in the network, removing it from a group does not remove it from the network. If removed from a group, it functions as a repeater only. “RESET UNIT” removes it completely from the network. BASIC OPERATION (Local Control) The switch paddle on the ZRW113 allows the user to: • Include or exclude the module from the Z-Wave system • Turn on or off the attached load. • Control other Z-Wave enabled devices “associated” with the ZRW113. Also, when a controller prompts you to “Send Node ID” or to “Press Button on Unit”, quickly tap the switch on or off once to satisfy those instructions. • Tapping top of switch turns the load attached ON. • Tapping bottom of switch turns the load attached OFF. • Pressing and holding switch does not effect the load attached but will allow dimming and brightening of Z-Wave dimmers if associated to the ZRW113 (see below for details). LED indication The LED on the ZRW113 will turn on when the load attached is ON. However, the LED can be user configured to turn ON when the load attached is OFF to act as a night light, if so desired. See ADVANCED OPERATION. The ZRW113 will flicker its LED when it is transmitting to any of its 2 groups. This can be changed if desired. See ADVANCED OPERATION. Auxiliary Switch The ZRW113 supports the AS101 auxiliary switch to provide 3-way or 4-way operation. Remote Control The ZRW113 will respond to BASIC and BINARY commands that are part of the Z-Wave system. Refer to your controller’s instructions as to whether your controller can transmit those commands. ADVANCED OPERATION All On/All Off The ZRW113 supports the ALL ON/ ALL OFF commands. The ZRW113 can be set to respond to ALL ON and ALL OFF commands 4 different ways. Refer to your controller for information on how to ...

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