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Инструкция по эксплуатации Yard Machines, модель LT31CSH

Производитель: Yard Machines
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12 STARTING/STOPPING INSTRUCTIONS Fig. 16 Starting Position Operate this unit only in a well- ventilated outdoor area. Carbon monoxide exhaust fumes can be lethal in a confined area. WARNING: Avoid accidental starting. Make sure you are in the starting position when pulling the starter rope (Fig. 17). To avoid serious injury, the operator and unit must be in a stable position while starting. WARNING: Starter Rope Throttle Control (Squeezed) STOPPING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Release your hand from the throttle control. Allow the engine to cool down by idling. 2. Put the On/Off Stop Control in the OFF (O) position. 1. Mix petrol with oil. Fill fuel tank with fuel/oil mixture. See Oil and Fuel Mixing Instructions. 2. Make sure the On/Off Stop Control in the ON ( I ) position (Fig. 15). 3. Fully press and release the primer bulb 10 times, slowly. Some amount of fuel should be visible in the primer bulb and fuel lines (Fig. 16). If you can’t see fuel in the bulb, press and release the bulb as many times as it takes before you can see fuel in it. 4. Place the blue choke lever in Position 1 (Fig. 16). 5. With the unit on the ground, place one foot on the metal foot stand to hold the unit in place (Fig. 17). Press the throttle lock-out while you squeeze the throttle control. Pull the starter rope out with a controlled and steady motion 5 times. NOTE: The unit uses Advanced Starting Technology™, which significantly reduces the effort required to start the engine. You must pull the starter rope out far enough to hear the engine attempt to start. There is no need to pull the rope briskly-- there is no harsh resistance when pulling. Be aware that this starting method is vastly different from (and much easier than) what you may be used to. 6. Place the blue choke lever in Position 2. 7. While squeezing the throttle control, pull the starter rope out with a controlled and steady motion until the engine starts. 8. Keep the throttle squeezed and allow the engine to warm up for 15 to 30 seconds. 9. Place the blue choke lever in Position 3. The unit is ready for use. IF... The engine does not start, go back to step 3. IF... The engine fails to start after a few attempts, place the blue choke lever in Position 3 and squeeze the throttle control. Pull the starter rope briskly 3 to 8 times. The engine should start. If not, repeat. IF WARM... If the engine is already warm, make sure the On/Off Stop control is in the ON position and start the unit with the blue choke lever in Position 2. After the unit starts, move the blue choke lever to Position 3. STARTING INSTRUCTIONS Stop/Off (O) Start/On ( I ) Throttle Control Throttle Lock-Out Fig. 17 Fig. 15 Blue Choke Lever Position 1 Position 2 Position 3 Primer Bulb 13 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HOLDING THE TRIMMER Before operating the unit, stand in the operating position (Fig. 18). Check for the following: • The operator is wearing eye protection and proper clothing • The operator’s hands are firmly gripping the handles • The unit is at waist level • The cutting attachment is parallel to the ground and easily contacts the grass without the need to bend over Once you are in the operating position, hook the shoulder strap to the unit. ADJUSTING TRIMMING LINE LENGTH The Bump Head™ cutting attachment allows you to release trimming line without stopping the engine. To release more line, lightly tap the cutting attachment on the ground (Fig. 19) while operating the trimmer at high speed. NOTE: Always keep the trimming line fully extended. Line release becomes more difficult as the cutting line becomes shorter. Fig. 19 Each time the head is bumped, about 1 inch (25.4 mm) of trimming line is released. A blade in the cutting attachment shield will cut the line to the proper length if excess line is released. For best results, tap the Bump Head™ on bare ground or hard soil. If line release is attempted in tall grass, the engine may stall. Always keep the trimming line fully extended. Line release becomes more difficult as the cutting line becomes shorter. NOTE: Do not rest the Bump Head™ on the ground while the unit is running. Some line breakage will occur from: • Entanglement with foreign matter • Normal line fatigue • Attempting to cut thick, stalky weeds • Forcing the line into objects such as walls or fence posts TIPS FOR BEST TRIMMING RESULTS • For best trimming results, operate unit at full throttle. • Keep the cutting attachment parallel to the ground. • Do not force the cutting attachment. Allow the tip of the line to do the cutting, especially along walls. Cutting with more than the tip will reduce cutting efficiency and may overload the engine. • Cut grass over 8 inches (200 mm) by working from top to bottom in small increments to avoid premature line wear or engine drag. • Cut from left to right whenever possible. Cutting to the right improves the unit's cutting efficiency. Clippings are thrown away from the operator. • Slowly move the trimmer into and out of the cutting area at the desired hei...

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