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Инструкция по эксплуатации McCulloch, модель X7502825601

Производитель: McCulloch
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Disconnect the spark plug wire before performing service or maintenance. Muffler This unit must never be operated with a faulty or missing spark arrester or muffler. Make sure the muffler is well secured and in good condition. A worn or damaged muffler is a fire hazard and may also cause hearing loss. Spark Plug Keep the spark plug and wire connections tight and clean. Fasteners Make sure nuts, bolts, and screws (except carburetor adjusting screws) are tight. WARNING! Non-standard accessories, cutting attachment, or replacement parts may not operate properly with your unit and may cause damage and lead to personal injury. Air Filter The H4 engine that powers your Shindaiwa model is a hybrid 4-stroke engine. As a hybrid, the engine is lubricated by oil mixed with the gasoline and air from the carburetor that moves through and around the internal parts of the engine in a similar way that a 2-stroke engine is lubricated. Without the heavy duty 2-stage air filter equipped on all H4 engines, dust and dirt could also move through the engine, decreasing engine life, increasing valve wear and the need for more frequent valve adjustments. To keep your H4 engine strong and reliable, Shindaiwa recommends that you check and service the air filter as instructed in the 10-Hour Maintenance section that follows. Remove all dirt and debris from the engine and check the cooling fins Coolingfins Air intake Coolingfins Check the entire unit for leaking fuel¦ or grease. Make sure nuts, bolts, and screws¦ (except carburetor idle speed adjusting screws) are tight. Maintenance (continued) 10-Hour maintenance (more frequently in dusty conditions) 1. Remove the air filter cover by loosening the cover screw(s) and lifting. 2. Remove and inspect the pre-filter. If the pre-filter is torn or otherwise damaged, replace it with a new one. 3. Clean the pre-filter with soap and water. Let dry before reinstalling. 4. Inspect the air filter element. If the element is damaged or distorted, replace it with a new one. 5. Tap filter gently on a hard surface to dislodge debris from element or use compressed air from the inside to blow debris out and away from the air filter element. 6. Install the air filter element, pre-filter and cover in the reverse order of removal. 10/15-Hour maintenance Remove and clean or replace the spark plug. ¦ Clean the spark plug. Adjust electrode gap according to the values listed in the ”Specifications” section. If the spark plug must be replaced, use only the type recommended in ”Spec ifications” or equivalent resistor type spark plug of the correct heat range. CAUTION! Before removing the spark plug, clean the area around the plug to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the engine’s internal parts. 50-hour maintenance Gearcase lubrication Loosen fasteners Remove the cover of the air filter IMPORTANT! Direct the air stream at the inside face of the filter only! Components of air filter Filter element Prefilter CAUTION! Never operate the unit if the air cleaner assembly is damaged or missing! Remove and inspect spark plug 0,6 mm Clean the sparkplug and checkthe gap at theelectrode. 1. Clean all loose debris from gear box. 2. Remove plug (A) and check level of grease. Grease should fill gear case to bottom of grease plug hole. 3. Add grease if necessary using manual grease gun or squeeze-type tube. Do not use high pressure grease gun. DO NOT over-fill. A Maintenance (continued) 50-hour maintenance Remove and replace the fuel filter element. ¦ Use a hooked wire to extract the fuel filter from inside the fuel tank. Inspect the fuel filter element. If it shows signs of contamination, replace with a genu ine Shindaiwa replacement fuel filter element. CAUTION! Make sure you do not pierce the fuel line with the end of the hooked wire. The line is delicate and can be damaged easily. Fuel filter element Hooked wire ¦ Before reinstalling the new filter element, inspect the condition of all the fuel system components (fuel pickup line, fuel return line, tank vent line, tank vent, fuel cap and fuel tank). If damage, splitting or deterioration is noted, the unit should be removed from service until it can be inspected or repaired by a Shindaiwa- trained service technician. 135-Hour Maintenance ¦ Combustion chamber should be decarbonized, and the valve clearance should be adjusted. It is highly recommended that this is done by a Shindaiwa-trained service technician. ¦ Replace the spark plug annually: Use only the type recommended in the ”Specifications” section or an equivalent resistor type spark plug of the correct heat range. Set spark plug electrode gap to 0.6 mm (0.024 in). IMPORTANT! The valve clearance should be adjusted. It is highly recommended that this is done by a Shindaiwa-trained service technician. Valve Adjustment 1. Remove cylinder cover, rocker arm cover, and spark plug. Rotate the crankshaft while observing the piston through the spark plug opening. When the piston is at the top of the compression stroke (T...

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