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Инструкция по эксплуатации Southern Pride, модель XLR-1000-SL

Производитель: Southern Pride
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Steel or 12 gauge Stainless Steel. Exterior: 22-gauge Polished Stainless Steel Firebox: 14” Diameter 1/4” thick H.R. pipe. 1/4” thick firebox door. Uses wood logs or charcoal. Capacity: 3-4 logs 4-6” dia. 12-16” long. Dimensions: 76” tall, 69” wide, 87 3/8” deep (including covers) w/15” legs Shell Dimensions: 61” tall, 55 1/4” wide, 79 3/8” long. Food Racks: Rotisserie with four (4) hanger racks, each with three (3) 18”x 42” food racks (12 Total). Sixty Three (63)Sq.Ft. of Cooking Surface. 4 11/16” Spacing between food racks. Air Circulation: Convection Fan. Temperature Range: 100-325 degrees F. Burner: Electronic Pilot Gas Burner (Specify Natural or L.P. gas.) Approvals: UL, ULC, NSF Venting: See back page for venting instructions. 6” Flue 10” Flue SPECIFICATIONS MODEL XLR-1000-SL COOKING CAPACITIES FOR THE XLR-1000 Pork Butt (7 lb.) 144 pieces 1008 lb. total St. Louis Ribs (2.75lb.) 180 pieces 495 lb. total w/Optional Rib Racks 264 pieces 726 lb total Chicken (3lb.) 252 pieces 756 lb. total Brisket (12 lb.) 72 pieces 864 lb. total Spare Ribs (3.5lb.) 72 pieces 252 lb. total Front View Side View 87 3/8" 79 3/8" 55 1/4" 76" 17" 22" 15" 15" 10" 14 1/2" 61” NOTE: Dimensions Show position of the 10” flue on the optional smoke extractor on the -SLSE Model. NOTE: Drawings Show the Optional Smoke Extractor on SLSE Models. Optional Smoke Extractor Optional Smoke Extractor Electrical Connection for VSP Hood 3" Electrical Connection for VSP Hood 11" VSP HOOD SYSTEM: Purchased through Southern Pride XLR-1000-SL VENTING INSTALLATION VSP HOODS are U/L Listed to the applicable Southern Pride oven models and are NSF Certified. HOOD SYSTEM TO INCLUDE: 1. Ventilation Hood 2. Two speed fan (1380/2000) 3. Curb with vented extension and hinge kit (Specify roof pitch) 4. Grease capture trough 5. Combustion chamber flue vent SUPPLIED BY CUSTOMER: 6. Duct from hood to fan NOTE: If you have a duct longer than 10 feet or an elbow in your duct your installation, it may require a larger capacity exhaust fan. Please specify your duct requirements when ordering the VSP Hood System. XLR-1000-SL with recommended optional VSP Vent Hood System. 1 2 3 SPECIFY ROOF PITCH WHEN ORDERING 4 5 6 NOTE: THE SIX INCH ALL FUEL CHIMNEY SHOULD EX TEND AT LEAS T 3 ’ ABO VE THE HIGHEST SID E OF THE ROOF OPENING AND BE AT LEAS T 2’ HIGHER THAN ANY RAIN CAP THROUGH THE WALL DIRECT VENT INSTALLATION NOTE 1. When installing an Oven through a wall constructed of combustible material, use the Southern Pride Insulation Kit between the oven and the wall. 2. The room that the face of the oven is installed into should have a balanced or positive air pressure. If the room has negative air pressure, smoke could escape into the room during operation. SUPPLIED BY SOUTHERN PRIDE: (*) Smoke Extractor Damper with 10” chimney adapter plate SUPPLIED BY CUSTOMER: 6” All Fuel Chimney, 6” Rain Cap, and all accessories necessary for installation of the 6” chimney. 10” All Fuel Chimney, Exhaust Fan (NOTE: Fan must be listed for use as a commercial kitchen ventilator), fan curb, and all accessories necessary for installation of the smoke extractor system. 10 ” ALL FUEL SMOKE EXTR ACTOR CH IMNEY P ORTI ON OF THE BUILDING WI THIN 10’. HORIZON TAL. 6” ALL FUEL CHIMNEY EXHAUS T FAN NOTE: THE 10 ” ALL FUEL SMOKE EX- TRACTOR CHIMNEY TERM IN ATES AT THE ROOF C URB ALL MODELS MAY ALSO BE INSTALLED UNDER A CANOPY HOOD RATED FOR COMMERCIAL COOKING APPLIANCES. The oven’s minimum clearances from combustible materials are 18" on left side, 24" on right, 18" on top, 48" from front, and 2" on back. Minimum clearances are 18" to chimney connector and to smoke extractor chimney connector. Floor may be constructed of a combustible material. (Note: minimum clearance dimensions are from the oven cabinet, not from component cover.) (If provision is made for access to service, minimum clearance can be reduced to 2" on left side.) May be installed through a combustible wall with zero clearance with BBR kit No. 2099. ANY VENTILATION SYSTEM MUST BE INSTALLED IN ACCORDANCE WITH LOCAL CODES. CONSULT WITH LOCAL OFFICIALS AND A COMMERCIAL KITCHEN VENTILATION CONTRACTOR PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. Southern Pride Distributing, L.L.C. Phone: 618-997-9348 2102 East Main Street - Marion, Illinois 62959 Fax: 618-993-5960 sales@sopride.com service@sopride.com parts@sopride.com Sales: 800-851-8180 Service: 800-437-2679 Service Fax: 618-993-0378 9/15/04 ...

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