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Инструкция по эксплуатации Air Comm Systems, модель ACS 296

Производитель: Air Comm Systems
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1640W.AcomaBlvd.,SuiteA-11. LakeHavasuCity,A. 8640. Phone(928)854-540. Airborne Audio Products FAX(928)854-891. E-Mailaircomminc@aol.co. AC. 29. Installatio. Manua. Tabl. o. Content. . Installatio. GeneralOperatingSpecification. Pag. . PhysicalDimension. Pag. . InterfaceSchemati. Pag. . . InstructionsforContinuedAirworthines. Page. . WarrantyInformatio. AirCommSystemsWarrant. Pag. . . SupplementalInformatio. ProductSchematic. AirCommSystems,Inc. Page. AC. 29. Installatio. Manua. Genera. Operatin. Specification. . UnitDescriptio. Th. AC. 29. Receiv. Audi. Indicato. Pane. i. . compact. Dzu. mounte. uni. tha. provide. . visua. statu. o. whic. receiv. audio. ar. activ. i. th. aircraf. audi. system. Th. AC. 29. i. designe. t. b. interface. wit. . Singl. o. Dua. Channe. AudioMixe. Pane. an. installe. i. clos. proximit. t. tha. pane. fo. eas. referenc. b. th. user. . MethodofOperatio. Th. AC. 29. sense. th. incomin. receiv. audio. an. display. th. activ. statu. o. th. th. fron. panel. Th. activ. statu. i. indicate. b. . glowin. gree. LED. Th. intensit. o. th. indicato. i. controlle. b. . phot. senso. locate. o. th. fron. o. th. AC. 296. a. th. ambien. ligh. condition. chang. i. th. cockpi. o. cabin. s. wil. th. LE. intensity. . OperatingSpecification. AudioInput. Upto6audio. Dut. Cycle. Continuou. Powe. Requirements. 28. D. +/. 10. MaximumOperatingAltitiude. 22,000ft. Operatin. Temperatur. Range. -4. Ct. +85C(operating). -65Ct. +12. . (storage. Curren. Drain. 100m. minimum. 75. m. maximu. . PhysicalSpecification. Size. 5.75in. (14.61cm). Weight. .75lb. (0.38kg. 1.12. in. . 2.8. cm. . 4.30in. (10.92cm). Illumination. Edg. li. fron. pane. perMIL-P-7738E,typ. 5.Capabl. o. connectiont. dimme. busfo. adjustment. RXStatusindicator. are5.0. Gree. LED.s. Mounting. Standar. Dzu. rai. mount. two(2. fastener. Controls. Non. AirCommSystems,Inc. Page. Air Comm Systems, Inc. Page 4 The ACS 296 is designed to be Dzus mounted in close proximity to the Audio Mixer Panel it will interface with. The unit should be installed in the aircraft using the DC09-USFS-F Installation kit that was included. The above outline drawing of the unit with dimensions will facilitate the installation. The DC09-USFS-F Installation Kit consists of the following: One (1) 9 pin AMP D-Subminiature mating connector (female) complete with crimp pins, hood, and latch. The connector pin configuration of the ACS 296 rear connector and the recommended wire size for the aircraft cable harness is shown on the following page. n Physical Dimension Outline ACS 296 Installation Manual Physical Dimensions Air Comm Systems, Inc. Page 5 The ACS 296 wiring harness should be constructed of Tefzel aircraft wire (M22759/16 grade). Power and ground wires should be 22 AWG. Shielded wires should be used where noted. Adequate protection against wear and chafing should be taken by using a braided cable sleeving or jacket. Before completing installation, verify that all cable connector pins are seated properly and that the connector is securely mounted to the unit mating connector. Pre-fabricated cable harnesses are available from Air Comm to expedite installation . consult our sales department for details. n Connector Schematic ACS 296 Installation Manual Interface Schematic AC. 29. Installatio. Manua. Continue. Airworthines. Insrtuction. Instructio. fo. continuedairworthines. forReceiv. AudioIndicato. Pane. Mode. ACS-296. GENERALDESCRIPTION. Th. AC. 29. Receiv. Audi. Indicato. Pane. i. . compact. Dzu. mounte. uni. tha. provide. . visua. statu. o. whic. receiv. audio. ar. activ. i. th. aircraf. audi. system. Th. AC. 29. i. designe. t. b. interface. wit. . Singl. o. Dua. Channe. Audi. Mixe. Pane. an. installe. i. clos. proximityt. tha. pane. foreasyreferencebytheuser. PURPOSE. T. provid. instruction. fo. th. maintenanc. an. inspectio. o. th. Ai. Com. Systems. Inc. Mode. ACS-29. Receiv. Audi. IndocatorPanel. Thi. Manua. provide. instruction. supplementin. th. aircraf. maintenanc. manual. Thes. instructionsonl. supersedetheaircraf. manua. i. th. indicate. areas. OPERATIONALCHECK. Th. Receiv. Audi. Indicato. Pane. shoul. b. checke. prio. t. firs. fligh. eac. da. pe. curren. operationsmanual. MAINTENANCE. Chec. securit. an. conditio. o. Dzu. mounte. panel(s). chec. associate. wirin. harenes. a. periodi. inspectionssucha. annual/10. hou. IAWFAR43AppendixD(i). OnCondition. Sen. Receiv. Audi. Indicato. Panel. t. qualifie. repai. facilit. fo. anyrepairs. Contac. Ai. Com. Systems. Inc. Phon. 909-0824-8860o. FA. 909-824-8862fo. neares. factor. authorize. repai. facility. AirCommSystems,Inc. Page. AC. 29. Installatio. Manua. Warrant. Informatio. . WarrantyInformatio. Ai. Com. Systems. Inc. warrant. eac. ne. produc. t. b. fre. fro. defectiv. materia. an. workmanshi. an. agree. t. remed. an. defec. o. t. furnis. . ne. par. i. exchang. fo. an. defectiv. uni. provide. a. examinatio. disclose. suc. defec. occurre. unde. norma. us. an. service. an. provide. th. defectiv. uni. i. delivere. t. us. w...

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