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Not only can it receive over 50 digital TV channels, but you can also listen to up to 24 digital radio stations, all at the touch of a button. IMPORTANT: Use of any electrical equipment should be undertaken with care. Please read the safety section on page 20-21 before using your Digital Box. This appliance is for household use only. A Digital Box lets you access the free digital channels that are broadcast in the UK. It uses a digital signal, received through your normal aerial and lets you watch it through your existing television. Over 50 digital TV channels. Up to 24 digital radio stations. No subscription, no contract, no fuss. No installation, easy set up. Red button interactive services. IMPORTANT: The screens and illustrations shown in this instruction manual are for reference and instruction purposes only, and may not exactly represent the final product. Coverage Check coverage in your area. Text your postcode, followed by your house number or name to 83331*. Or visit *e.g. NW9 6NY (Costs no more than a normal text.) The FREEVIEW service is subject to coverage. An aerial upgrade may be required. The FREEVIEW, FREEVIEW+, FREEVIEW+ HD words and logos are trade marks of DTV Services LTD. DTV Services Ltd 2002, 2008. 3 What’s in the box? Your new Digital Box Remote control WIDEINFOTEXTBACKOKEPG123456789MENU0EXITSUBTTV/VCRVOLVOLCHCH RF lead 2x AAA Batteries Other things you will need Roof top aerial It is recommended that you use a wideband rooftop aerial in order for your Digital Box to work properly. For more information visit Scart cable You will need a Scart cable to connect between your Digital Box and your TV. If you want to connect a DVD recorder to your Digital Box, you will require an additional Scart cable. Contents 01 Your Digital Box....................4 02 Your remote control.............5 03 Connecting up......................6 04 Getting started....................7 05 Daily use........................9-12 06 Advanced features.......13-16 07 Re-tuning...........................17 08 Troubleshooting.................18 09 Specifications....................19 10 Safety..........................20-21 Your Digital Box 01 Front view Power on/ Standby indicator Remote control sensor Back view AUX Scart for connection to a VCR or a DVD Recorder TV Scart Connection to TV AC Mains cable Aerial Output. Connect the supplied RF cable to the TV. Aerial Input. Connect the aerial to this socket Your remote control 02 WIDEINFOTEXTBACKOKEPG123456789MENU0EXITSUBTTV/VCRVOLVOLCHCH MUTE Turns the volume on and off. STANDBY Power On/Standby. NUMBER PAD Enter values and select the channel directly by entering its number. TV/VCR Changes between the TV and VCR Scart connections. WIDE Adjust the aspect ratio of the video output. MENU Opens the menu so that you can change the settings of your Digital Box. EXIT Closes the on screen menus. OK Confirm selection in menu/on screen displays. NAVIGATION Navigate up/down/left/right in menus/on screen displays. BACK Navigate one step backwards in menus. EPG Display the EPG Electronic Program Guide. SUBTITLE Cycle through the available subtitles for the current broadcast. CHANNEL UP VOLUME UP/DOWN INFO Display the Info bar. CHANNEL DOWN TEXT Display Digital Teletext where available. COLOUR BUTTONS For interactive function Connecting up 03 Getting connected Connecting to the TV with SCART TVTVDVD/RECORDER TVTVDVD/RECORDER Aerial Lead* SCART Cable* RF Lead Connection to DVD Player Connecting to the TV and DVD recorder with SCART SCART Cable* RF Lead* Aerial Lead* SCART Cable* RF Lead * Not included in the box 7 04 Getting started 1 Install batteries in remote Remove the battery cover to reveal the battery compartment. Align the two size AAA batteries so that the ‘+’ and ‘-’ marks on the batteries match the ‘+’ and ‘-’ marks inside the battery compartment. Push the first battery fully into the slot and then place the second battery in the slot. The two batteries are in line. Replace the battery cover. 2 Plug in and switch on Insert the Digital Box mains plug into a mains socket. The power indicator visible behind the front panel will light up red (standby) or green (on). Switch your TV on and if necessary press the ‘STANDBY’ button on the remote control until the light on the Digital Box front panel lights up green. 3 The Easy install screen The first time installation will appear on screen. Select the aspect ratio (screen size), using the }| buttons to move between the options: NORMAL and WIDESCREEN. Press the OK button to start the installation. The Digital Box will automatically begin to tune. First Time InstallationPress OK to start Tuning ScanNORMALSelect Your TV Screen type using the arrow buttons 8 Getting started 04 4 Tuning in When your digital box is tuning in, you will see the channels that have been found during the installation listed (right). This screen also shows you, the signal strength and quality of the signal being rece...

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