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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kenwood, модель KRF-V4070D

Производитель: Kenwood
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To use a cassette deck (or MD recorder) it must be connected to the MD/TAPE jacks. When using more than one CD player (etc.) only the one connected to the specified jacks may be connected for system control. • Some CD players and cassette decks are not compatible with the [SL16] system control mode. Do not make system connections with equipment that is not [SL16] compatible. • Some MD players are not system control compatible. You cannot make system control connections to this kind of equipment. SYSTEM CONTROL cord SYSTEM CONTROL SYSTEM CONTROL cord [SL16] [SL16] [XS] [XS8] [XR] [SL16] [XS] [XS8] [XS] Notes 1. [SL16] equipment cannot be combined with [XR], [XS], and [XS8] equipment for system operations. If your equipment consists of this kind of combination, please do not connect any system control cords. Even without system control cords, normal operations can be carried out without affecting performance. 2. Do not connect system control cords to any components other than those specified by KENWOOD. It may cause a malfunction and damage your equipment. 3. Be sure the system control plugs are inserted all the way in to the system control terminals. SYSTEM CONTROL OPERATIONS Remote Control Lets you operate this unit with the system remote supplied with the receiver. Automatic Operation When you start playback from a source component, the input selector on this unit switches to that component automatically. Synchronized Recording Lets you synchronize recording with the start of playback when recording from CD, MD or analog discs. Speaker placement Front speakers : Place to the front left and right of the listening position. Front speakers are required for all surround modes. Center speaker : Place front and center. This speaker stabilizes the sound image and helps recreate sound motion. Required for surround playback. Surround speakers : Place to the direct left and right, or slightly behind, the listening position at even heights, approximately 1 meter above the ears of the listeners. These speakers recreate sound motion and atmosphere. Required for surround playback. Subwoofer : Reproduces powerful deep bass sounds. • Although the ideal surround system consists of all the speakers listed above, if you don't have a center speaker or a subwoofer, you can divide those signals between the available speakers in the speaker settings steps to obtain the best possible surround reproduction from the speakers you have available. ^ Front speaker Subwoofer Surround speaker Center speaker Listening position 15EN Preparing for surround sound Speaker settings To enable you to obtain optimum enjoyment from the receiver’s listening modes, make sure to complete the speaker settings (subwoofer, front, center, and surround speakers) as described below. For Home Theater Box (HTB) model VR-715, do not select “LRG” (large) for front, center and surround speakers as this will cause the speakers to malfunction. (KRF-V5070D/ V4070D/ V5570D) POWER SETUP MULTI CONTROL MULTI CONTROL SETUPPOWER ON/OFF ON/STANDBY(KRF-V5070D/ V4070D/ V5570D)(VR-705/715) POWER ON/STANDBY 1Turn on the power to this receiver by pressing POWER ON/ STANDBY (for VR-705/715) or POWER ON/OFF and ON/ STANDBY (for KRF-V5070D/V4070D/V5570D) or POWER key. 2Press the SETUP key to enter the SETUP mode and use the MULTI CONTROL knob or keys for the following displays. 1 SP SETUP 2 TESTTONE 3 DISTANCE 4 EXIT The flow of the SETUP is as follows; SP SETUP TESTTONE DISTANCE EXIT Front Center Surround SP System Full Range 2Way 2Speaker 2Way 3Speaker Others L C R SR SL SW L C R SR SL SW MANUALAUTO Subwoofer Front Center Surround Subwoofer Re-mix 3Select a speaker system. 1 Select SP SETUP and press the SETUP key again so that the speaker system indication “SP SYSTEM” scrolls across the display. 2 Use the MULTI CONTROL knob or keys to select the speaker system setting. 16EN 1 FULL RANGE : For selected Kenwood speaker – for example, KS-207HT. 2 2WAY 2SPKR : For selected Kenwood speaker – for example, KS-307HT. 3 2WAY 3SPKR : For selected Kenwood speaker – for example, KS-707HT. 4 OTHERS : For general speakers. • When the setting FULL RANGE, 2WAY 2SPKR or 2WAY 3SPKR is selected, the procedure skips to step 4. • The initial setting for VR-715 is FULL RANGE. For the other models, the setting is OTHERS. 3 For general speaker setting, use the MULTI CONTROL knob or keys to select OTHERS and press the SETUP key again. • The subwoofer setting indication “SUBW ON” appears. 4 Use the MULTI CONTROL knob or keys to select the appropriate subwoofer setting. 1 SUBW ON : Subwoofer setting mode to the receiver is ON. 2 SUBW OFF : Subwoofer setting mode to the receiver is OFF. • The initial setting is “SUBW ON”. • When the setting “SUBW OFF” is selected, the front speakers are automatically set to “FRNT LRG” and the procedure skips to step 8. Before step 8, press the SETUP key to accept the setting. • When subwoofer output sound is required, select “FRNT NML”. 5 Press the SETUP key to accept t...

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