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Инструкция по эксплуатации Geemarc, модель Large Display Alarm Clock

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Large display alarm clock with shaker Reveil grand ecran avec vibreur GB F User guide p.2 Notice d’utilisation p.12 2 DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Snooze key / Flash PM LED indicator Alarm LED indicator PM AL Alarm tone Alarm + ring / Off / Ring function switch Alarm off for 24H. Set hours & minutes Shaker Lo / Hi switch Alarm mode switch Set alarm Set clock Alarm and ring volume (*) Modular jack (*) Shaker jack (*) Adaptor jack Dimmer switch (*) Classified TVN-3 according to EN60950 standard. 3 1 - CONNECTING THE TELEPHONE 1(**) 230V PTT plug AC adaptor Shaker 23 4 5 1 - Connect the PTT line cord. 2 - At your option you may connect your telephone in the doubler plug. 3 - Connect the PTT doubler plug in the wall socket. 4 - Connect the adaptor line cord. 5 - Connect the adaptor in the wall socket. (**) (**) Classified “hazardous voltage” according to EN60950 standard. Electrical connection : The apparatus is designed to operate from a 230V 50Hz supply only. (Classified as «hazardous voltage» according to EN60950 standard). The apparatus does not incorporate an integral power on/off switch. To disconnect the power, either switch off supply at the mains power socket or 4 unplug the AC adaptor. When installing the apparatus, ensure that the mains power socket is readily accessible. Telephone connection : Voltages present on the telecommunication network are classified TNV-3 (Telecommunication Network Voltage) according to the EN60950 standard. 2 - SETTING THE TIME ( ) -Press and hold (set clock) button. -Press H (hour) and M (minute) until correct hour and minutes appear on the display. -Release (set clock) button. -For p.m. hours, the p.m. indicator will appear on the display near the inscription PM. 3 - SETTING THE ALARM TIME ( ) -Press and hold (set alarm) button. -Press H (hour) or M (minute) until correct hour and minutes appear on the display. -Release (set alarm) button. -Press , H and M to reset the alarm clock to 12. 5 4 - SETTING THE ALARM MODE Put the function switch on A+T position. Choose which alarm mode you wish to be awakened to by moving the alarm mode switch to one of the following selections : V : only shaker activated V+S : both sound and shaker alarm activated S+F : both strobe light and sound alarm activated F+V : both strobe light and shaker alarm activated When the alarm is set to one of the alarm modes, the alarm indicator will appear on the display near the inscription AL. The table below shows how the alarm modes indicate an incoming call from the alarm clock. ALARM MODE ACTION ALARM CLOCK INCOMING CALL SOUND Buzzer Continuous With pauses SHAKER Vibrates Continuous With pauses STROBE LIGHT Flashes Continuous With pauses 6 5 - SNOOZE KEY ( ) When the alarm mode you have chosen is switched on by the alarm time setting, pressing the button will stop the alarm mode for approximately 9 minutes. The alarm will then switch the alarm mode on again for a further 9 minutes. This sequence can be carried out for up to 2 hours after which the alarm mode will be automatically switched off. 6 - SWITCHING THE ALARM OFF FOR 24H. (OFF) Press the alarm off button (OFF), the alarm will then operate at the same time the next day. The alarm if not switched off will continue to sound for up to 2 hours and then be automatically switched off. 7 -RINGER On/Off SWITCH ( A+T / OFF / T ) -A+T (alarm + telephone) : for the alarm and telephone ring position. -OFF : alarm and ring off. -T (telephone) : for the telephone ring position. 7 8 - TELEPHONE OPERATION -Ensure that the telephone has been set up in accordance with the telephone userguide and has been connected as shown in the installation section. - Select the ringer On/Off switch on the A+T or T position for the ring. -Choose which of the alarm modes you wish to alert you of your incoming telephone calls (see page 6 : V, V+S, S+F or F+V). -When the alarm mode selected indicates there is an incoming telephone call, lift the telephone handset and answer the call. When you have finished the call replace the handset and the alarm will be ready to indicate the next call. 9 - DIMMER SWITCH ( ) Adjust the brightness of the display by moving the control at the rear of your Wake n Shake GTI. 10 - VOLUME (VOLUME) Sets the volume of the ring and the alarm sound. 8 11 - TONE (TONE) Sets the tone of the alarm sound. 12 - SHAKER SWITCH ( -/ + ) Sets the motion of the shaker to Lo (-) or Hi (+). 13 - BATTERY BACK-UP It’s not necessary to insert a battery for the clock to function. With battery back-up installed, the clock will keep the time and alarm settings in the event of a power cut or the AC adaptor being unplugged. Check the battery condition after one year, replacing old battery. A leaking battery can destroy your clock. 9 GUARANTEE From the moment your Geemarc product is purchased, Geemarc guarantee it for the period of one year. During this time, all repairs or replacements (at our option) are free of charge.Should you experience a problem then contact our helpline ...

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