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Инструкция по эксплуатации ClearSounds, модель A50

Производитель: ClearSounds
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The ClearSounds A50 has been designed specifically to meet your needs, blending an ar - ray of valuable features with simplicity and style. The ClearSounds A50 is truly the Most Remarkable Amplified Phone In The World! This User’s Guide provides you with information to set-up and start using your ClearSounds A50. Please read these instructions thoroughly before using your telephone. Keep this manual for future reference. Please save your sales receipt as proof of purchase in the event you need warranty service. Please visit our web site at to: Important Information…Please Read Your A50 Amplified Cordless Phone includes (3) rechargeable AAA batteries. The A50 is a powerful amplified phone with specialized features. The following tips will ensure your phone operates at maximum effectiveness. If you experience the following, your batteries need to be recharged: a. During your conversation the phone emits a warning tone (BEEP) and within 2 minutes will disconnect your call. b. The phone emits a warning tone when you press the “TALK” key. c. The low battery icon is slowly flashing on the handset. d. The handset seems completely dead, the display is clear and the handset does not beep or light when you press the keys. To charge the handset: Place the handset in the base so the CHARGING light turns on. The batteries typically fully charge in 8 hours after the initial 24-hour charge. You can keep the batteries fully charged by returning the handset to the base after each use. We recommend that you return the handset to the base frequently. Fully charged batteries provide an average talk time of about 4 hours on amplified mode and about 6 hours on non-amplified mode. The batteries should remain charged up to 4 days with the vibrating ringer turned on and up to 8 days with the vibrating ringer turned off. Your batteries recharge whenever the handset is returned to the base unit. You may return the handset to the base whenever it is not in use. If you repeatedly get a low battery icon, even after 8 hours of charging, the batteries should be replaced. During your conversation should the batteries need to be recharged, there will be an audible “BEEP” and the low battery icon will flash for 2 minutes on the display. After 2 minutes your call will be disconnected and the low battery icon will no longer flash on the display. Should you attempt to make another call, you will have approximately 2 minutes of talk time before the phone will disconnect. For additional assistance, please contact our technical support center at 800.965.9043 Addendum A50 HANDSET REGISTRATION 1 Begin with handsets fully charged for 24 hours. Remove all handsets from the charging bases, bringing all of them to the main base and setting them on the counter right next to the main charging base. (The handsets cannot be registered while they are in the charging base). Get ready for this 2-handed process. 2 Put your one finger on the PAGE button on the main base. Very important - - You must hold this button down during the whole registration process for all involved handsets without lifting it off. If the button is released, you must start over. 3 At the same time - - with your other hand, press and hold the "CH" button on the 1st handset until you hear 2 quick confirmation beeps. 4 Immediately move your hand to the next handset – without lifting the PAGE button, press and hold the "CH" button on the 2nd handset until you hear 2 quick confirmation beeps. (Repeat for 3rd handset if applicable – without lifting the PAGE button). 5 Release your hand from the PAGE button now on the main charging base. 6 Handset 1 should now show "HS-1" on the display. Handset 2 should now show "HS-2" on the display. (If you have a 3rd Handset, it will now show “HS-3”). 7 You should now have a dial tone on all the handsets. NOTE: If any handset loses registration, then this process must be repeated for all handsets in order to bring all handsets back into registration. Merci d’avoir choisi le Systeme de telephone sans fil amplifie multicombines A50 de ClearSounds Communications. Ce manuel vous aidera a installer votre telephone et a apprendre son fonctionnement de base. Le systeme ClearSounds A50 a ete specialement concu pour repondre a vos besoins, puisqu’il allie toute une gamme de fonctions pratiques a des caracteristiques de simplicite et de style. Le systeme ClearSounds A50 est veritablement le plus remarquable telephone amplifie au monde! Le present Guide d’utilisation vous fournit tous les renseignements voulus pour installer et commen - cer a utiliser votre systeme ClearSounds A50. Veuillez lire attentivement les presentes instructions et consignes avant d’utiliser votre telephone. Conservez ce manuel pour consultation future. Veuillez conserver votre coupon de caisse comme preuve d’achat au cas ou vous auriez Gracias por elegir el sistema telefonico ampliable, inalambrico y con amplificacion A50 de ClearSounds Communications. Este manual le permit...

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