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Инструкция по эксплуатации Conair, модель TRIPLE TWIN

Производитель: Conair
Размер: 1.2 mb
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OR rate set (see section 7.3.8). 1. Press

and to select TAM. flashing and --UNREG--on the display. to your base, so you do not need to register them. As well as recording incoming messages, you can record memos for other users of your phone. If 4. During message playback, press or to increase or decrease the message 2. Press and to select SETTINGS. 4. Press at any time during RECORD'G or PLAYING to stop memo recording without saving 3. Press and to select OGM SET. Handset registration is only necessary when you buy extra handsets or if a handset has the answering machine memory is full, the Handset will display TAM FULL alternately with the playback volume respectively. Note: You cannot de-register the handset that you are currently using. and return back to TAM menu. become faulty. handset's name or time, depending on the handset standby display mode set (see section 6.3.9), Note: After a new message is played, it will be saved as an old message automatically unless it is 4. Press and to select ANS&REC or ANSONLY. 1. Press and to select BS SET. deleted. 7.5 Answering Machine Settings 5. Press and to select PLAYBACK . and you will have to delete some messages before any new ones can be recorded. 2. Press and to select DEL HS. You can register additional handsets to have up to 5 handsets per base unit, with each You can use the SETTINGS menu in the handset to change the settings of your answering 6. Press to play your current OGM and “PLAYING” is displayed on the screen. 3. Press and the display shows PIN?---handset's number (1 to 5) shown on its display. 7.1 Turn On/Off the Answering Machine 5. Press then to select STOP, FORWARD, PREVIOUS, DELETE to perform the following functions during message playback. machine. 7. Press to stop the OGM playback or let it finish playing and return to the 4. Enter the 4-digit system PIN. Each handset can be registered to up to 4 different bases, but can only operate with one You can turn the answering machine on or off using the base or handset. When the answering previous menu. 5. Press and the first handset number is displayed. base at a time. (See 6.3.6 Select Base, for how to change between bases.) machine is set toON, calls will be answered after the set answer delay and if the Answer and STOP: Stop the current message playback and return to the PLAYBACK menu. 7.5.1 Set the Answer Mode Note: If a personalised OGM has not been recorded, the pre-set OGM will be played. 6. Press to step through the list of registered handsets, and select the number Record mode is set, the caller can then leave you a message. When the answering machine is FORWARD: Skip to play the next message. The date or time information of the next message By default, the answer machine is set in ANS&REC mode which allows callers to leave a message. 1. Press and hold on the base station for more then five seconds, to put the base of the handset you want to de-register. set to OFF, calls will be answered after 10 rings and the answer only message will be played will display if there is another message. This mode can be changed to ANSONLY which does not allow callers to leave a message. In that Delete the Personalised OGM station intoregistration mode. It will stay in registration mode for about 1 minute, so the 7. Press to confirm, and the chosen handset will be de-registered. to your callers. They will not be able to leave you a message. PREVIOUS: Repeat playing the current message from the beginning. The date or time case, your callers will be prompted to call back later. 1. Repeat Steps 1 to 6 in Section following handset sequence must be completed within this time. 6.4.4 Change the Dial Mode Using the Base: information of the current message will display. 1. Press and to select TAM 2. Press while the OGM is playing to delete your personalised OGM and return to 2. Press and to select REGISTER You should normally leave the Dial Mode at its default setting of TONE (also called 1. Press on the base station. DELETE: Delete the current message and start playing the next message. 2. Press and to select SETTINGS. previous menu with the pre-set OGM restored automatically. 3. Press to display BASE 1. DTMF) unless the phone is connected to an old exchange that only recognises PULSE Using the Handset: 6. Press to confirm the function. 3. Press and to select ANS MODE. Note: If a pre-set OGM is playing, you are not allowed to delete it, so pressing will just 4. Press to select which base number you want to use. (Note: a * will be 4. Press and to select ANS&REC or ANSONLY (The currently and return to the previou...

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