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Инструкция по эксплуатации BT, модель SYMPHONY 3325

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ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS SHOULD BE MADE FOR ACCESS TO DIAL EMERGENCY SERVICES. Before operating this set, please read these instructions carefully. Package Contents • 1 Handset (2 with a Twin system, 3 with a Triple system) • 1 Base Station • 1 Mains Power Adapter • 1 Telephone Line Cord • 2 Rechargeable Batteries for each handset • 1 Charger Pod with mains power adapter for each additional handset of a multi-handset system • 1 User Guide Connection and Conditions for use: You can connect your phone to a direct exchange line (DEL) on a local exchange with its own phone number; to an extension socket connected to a DEL; or to an extension on an approved compatible PBX. Do not connect as an extension to a payphone. The ringer equivalence number (REN) of all equipment (phones, fax machines, modems, etc.) connected to an exchange line must not add up to more than 4, otherwise one or more of them may not ring and/or answer calls correctly. This phone has a REN of 1, and most other telephones have a REN of 1 unless marked otherwise. Handset - Base Connection 1) When purchased, all handsets are already registered to the base unit and should link to it when they are all powered up. 2) To use your cordless handset and base unit together, you must be able to establish a radio link between them. The signal between the handset and the base is in accordance with the normal standards for a DECT phone: Maximum range up to 300 metres outdoors or 50 metres indoors. Be aware that: > Any large metal object, such as a refrigerator, mirror or filing cabinet, between the handset and the base unit may block the radio signal. > Other solid structures, like walls, may reduce the signal strength. > Other electrical equipment may cause interference and/or affect the range. 3) Do not place close to another telephone, a TV or audio equipment - it may cause interference. 4) Out of Range warning. If you hear a warning tone during a call, and/or the sound in the earpiece becomes faint or distorted, you may be going out of range of the base unit, so move nearer to the base unit within 20 seconds, otherwise the call may be cut off. TECHNICAL DETAILS Standard Frequency range Channel bandwidth Operating range Operating time Temperature range Electrical power Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication(DECT) 1.88 to 1,9GHz (bandwidth = 20 MHz) 1.728 MHz Up to 300m outdoors; up to 50m indoors Standby: 100 hours. Talking: 10 hours Battery charge time: 15 hours Operating 0°C to 40°C, Storage -20°C to 60 C° Base unit: input 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 150mA, output 6VDC 450mA Charger unit: input 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 150mA, output 6VDC 300mA Handset Battery Information : 2 x AAA size NiMH 400mAh Caution Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. Port specification The -■= port (connected to the mains power supply) is a SELV port with respect to EN41003. The fU port (connected to the telephone line) is a TNV port with respect to EN41003. Every effort has been made to ensure high standards of reliability for your Symphony 3325 system. However, if something does go wrong, please do not try to repair it yourself, consult your supplier or the Helpline. 2 INSTALLING YOUR PHONE 2.1 Connecting the base station 1) Plug the power adapter—^ & line cord ( into the base station. 2) Plug the power adapter into a 230Vac, 50Hz mains socket, the other end of the line cord into your telephone line socket. Warning: Always use the line cord provided in the box. Other line cords may not be compatible and may not work.D Warning: Only use the power adapter supplied.□□ Others will result in non-compliance with the safety specification EN60950, and will invalidate any approval given with this apparatus. □ □ □ □ Warning: The Base unit needs mains power for normal operation, not just for charging the handset batteries 2.2 Installing and charging the batteries 1) Slide open the battery compartment cover. 2) Place the 2 batteries with the correct polarity, \ as shown. 3) Slide the battery compartment cover back. 4) Put the handset on the base and charge for 15 hours before first time use. The handset beeps when charging starts. Warning: Only use the AAA size NiMH rechargeable batteries. \3^> 2.3 If you have a Broadband Line If you connect your telephone to a line with a broadband connection, you will need to insert a micro-filter between the telephone and the telephone line, otherwise you may get interference between the telephone and the broadband, which could cause problems. In a home with broadband, every telephone must have a micro-filter connected, not just the one at the telephone point that your modem is connected to. If you need more broadband micro-filters, contact your broadband provider. 3 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR PHONE 3.1 Overview of the Handset 1 EARPIECE 2 UP From idle: access the Call ListD In lists: move up the optionsn During cal...

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