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Инструкция по эксплуатации Audiovox, модель XMp3i

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3 Turn the Control Wheel to highlight Antenna Aiming and press Select. If you’re receiving good Satellite and Terrestrial signal strength, you’re done If not, try some of the suggestions which follow Other Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna Installation Suggestions If you find you are getting a signal, but it’s inconsistent, try moving the Indoor/ Outdoor Home Antenna closer to a window, ideally one that is facing due south S Not sure which way is south? Think about where the sun rises (in the east) and sets (in the west) Then stand so that east is to your left and you’ll be facing south Is there a window in the direction you’re facing? Move the antenna closer to the window TIP! Still not sure which way is south or where to place your Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna? Look up your location on an online mapping website that offers satellite views of street addresses where you can easily see which way is south, and what windows may offer an unobstructed view of the sky Another easy method is to start at any window, then work from window to window in a simple pattern to find the window gives the best signal strength Note that the antenna must also have an unobstructed view, with no trees or buildings blocking its aim If the antenna is aimed through a window, be aware that blinds, screens, or any other non-glass elements such as thermal insulation can sometimes cause reception issues If this is the case, you may want to use another window or place the antenna outside of the window If you find a window that gives you good signal strength, you can place the antenna on the windowsill The antenna may need to be placed on something to raise it above the level of the window frame If you don’t have a window where you receive a consistent signal, or placing the antenna in a window is not a practical solution for you, BETTER reception can SOUTH Home Installation be achieved by placing the antenna outside on a window ledge, porch, table, or patio The location you choose should provide the antenna with a clear view of the southern sky If none of the previous solutions work for you, then the BEST reception can be achieved by mounting the antenna outdoors, with a clear view of the southern sky Note that you will want to consider any potential hazards when you choose the mounting location, and possibly consider professional installation SIRIUS XM Radio Inc is not liable for any damages SOFFITSOUTH OUTDOORSSOUTH To mount the antenna, you will need four screws (not included) with a 1/4” head (e g , an M3 screw), and that are suitable for the material onto which you are affixing the antenna, (e g , wood, metal, etc ) The screws should be spaced 1-3/8” apart 1-3/8 in horizontally and 1-1/8” vertically Refer to the template on “Indoor/Outdoor Home 1-1/8 in Antenna Template” on page 32 Once you have found a suitable location for the antenna, route the antenna cable to the Home Dock Be sure you avoid any obstructions that could crimp, kink, or twist the cable Use protective grommets wherever rough openings are encountered If the antenna is installed outdoors, route the cable from the antenna location to the interior of the home or office, working the cable through the basement, under a window sill, etc , and make adjustments to take up cable slack as necessary TIP! If your Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna’s cable isn’t long enough, visit xmradio com/accessories, or your favorite retailer, and consider a 50 ft Indoor/ Outdoor Home Antenna Extension Cable or a Wireless Home Signal Repeater If the signal is good for either Satellite or Terrestrial (or both), and you are hearing the audio from your Radio, the installation is complete If the signal reception is low, or intermittent, try another location for the antenna Verify that the antenna is pointed south, and that the antenna’s view of the sky is not blocked by a tree, a building, a bridge, or anything else Adjust until you are receiving a good signal Home Installation The Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna’s reception can also be tweaked by opening or closing the antenna clamshell, and turning the antenna While observing the signal strength, make small adjustments to the angle of tilt of the clamshell until the highest possible signal strength is achieved If you have not wall-mounted the antenna, turn the antenna slightly to the right or left and observe if the signal strength increases For each tweak, allow a few seconds in each position to determine if the signal strength increases If the signal reception is good, but there is no audio, verify your audio connection SOUTH • If you are connected to a stereo system, be sure the stereo system is set to the same AUX In or LINE In audio input source you chose and that the Stereo Audio Cable is fully connected If you still have no audio, try choosing a different input source • If you are connected to powered speakers, be sure the speakers are plugged into an outlet, and are turned On • The audio level of your Satellite Radio can also be increased Refer to the...

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