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Инструкция по эксплуатации Auto Page, модель RS720LCD

Производитель: Auto Page
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is one of the oldest vehicle security companies in the U.S. and a wholly owned subsidiary of Iwata Electric Co. of Tokyo, Japan. Iwata has been an industry leader over 40 years, establishing a reputation for ingenuity in its engineering capability and innovative communication products. Auto Page and Iwata maintain a long tradition of providing the best value to their customers. VEHICLE SECURITY AND REMOTE START SYSTEMS See your local Auto Page retailer for complete details and demonstration JUrOMGEKli „ - LCD Communication Security Remote Start Systems " v . Heuer Security Made Affordable“ 1815 West 205th Street, Suite 101 Torrance, CA 90501 Phone: 310-618-2002 Fax: 310-533-0258 01 VEHICLE 5EC-UR.ÉTT ALARM SYSTEMS High quality circuit boards with 30/45 -ampere relays means improved long lasting reliability and a better value for the consumer. AV0M6EI....... VEHICLE SECURITY AlARU 4YÍTEM4 RS855 LCD 2-way FM/FM Remote Car Starter 6-Channel Security Auto Page is a leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality 2-way communication security systems and remote car starters. With over 25 years of building reliable products it is no wonder Auto Page security systems are the choice of consumers worldwide. • Auto Page systems use a "Noise Abatement Circuitry" that limits the length and number of siren cycles when the alarm has been triggered along with a faulty-sensor by-pass to prevent a potential neighborhood nuisance. **The Limited Lifetime Warranty is not transferable and is available only to the original purchaser and the original car in which it is installed. RF520 LCD 2-way AM/AM Flagship 6-Channel Security System • Window Comfort feature available for vehicles with power window control from the key or remote control through the locking function. • O.E.M.-style user-friendly remote transmitters that have large buttons and visible feature icons • Ergonomic LCD transceiver with colorful backlighting, 29 large visible icons on the screen as well as beep tones and vibrating for real-time confimation and communication with your vehicle. • Button Lock option on the LCD remote transceivers prevents accidental disarming and remote start • Turbo Timer feature available for vehicles with turbo chargers. Allows for the vehicle to remain locked and armed while the turbo is running. RS720 LCD 2-way AM/AM Remote Car Starter 4-Channel Security...

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