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Инструкция по эксплуатации Sinclair, модель Duro

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* Check brushes periodically to prevent damage to armature. * Changing the blade Disconnect the power supply and put on the blade protection before changing the blade. Use work gloves for your own safety. Loosen the screws of the blade mounting, remove the blade and replace it. Make sure that the sharp bevel of the blade always shows upwards and the blade is fitting in exactly the position of the old one. 4.1 Genuine Spare Parts Spare parts and accessories are manufactured uniquely for the Duro® Stripper. It must be emphasized that parts obtained from unauthorized sources must not be used. Sinclair Equipment Company cannot be held responsible for the performance of or any damage arising from the use of machines in which genuine spare parts have not been used. This is particularly important with replacement blades. 5.0 Use Starting Mount the long internal tube with 2 screws to the handle support. Telescope the outer tube over it. The length of the handle may be adjusted by sliding the outer tube. Place the handle into the end of the tube and latch the locking. For your safety the Duro® Stripper comes with the blade not mounted. Make sure that the power supply is disconnected before mounting the blade. Place the sharp bevel of the blade face up when removing from concrete surfaces and face down when removing from wood or particle board. The blade must sit close to its support, and is fixed with screws from the bottom side. Use The Duro® Stripper removes bonded, flexible floor covering in strips. It uses an oscillating system, i.e. the blade performs a circular movement. This movement results in a lateral cutting. This could make the stripper swing sideways if you want to remove stiff flooring or aggressive adhesive. In this case using the device may be limited due to its system. Before starting work, the flooring needs to be cut into strips according to the blades width. To begin, cut one strip crosswise. Then lift the flooring slightly in order to get the blade underneath it. We recommend cutting the first strip at right angles to the main working direction. By so doing access to the adjacent strips is made easier. Cut the strips smaller if the floor covering is bonded very securely, e.g. with an epoxy adhesive. The blades are sharpened by the floor pavement. Therefore the blade has to be changed only if it is twisted or becomes worn. 6.0 Information about various floorings Main applications of the Duro® Stripper are carpets with foam backing, CV-flooring, PVC-floorings and light carpets. CV-floorings, PVC-floorings and carpets without foam backing Cut strips according to the blade width. Check from time to time if the blade is straight. Carpets with foam backing Use sharp blades only! Remove upper layer with carpet clamp. Remove the foam backing with the stripper. Remove foam across the width if you have an uneven sub-floor. Semi-flexible tiles These tiles can be removed without pre-cutting, if they are not bonded extremely tight. 7.0 Trouble shooting Trouble Eventual Cause Elimination Machine does not start -Power supply disconnected -Blown fuse -Defective cable -Defective plug Have machine repaired by a qualified electrician, resp. change parts. Undue force necessary to strip the flooring Blade is blunt Change blades Excessive vibration Expendable parts are worn out Return machine for service and/or repair 8.0 Spare Parts Duro Stripper Schematic # Pieces Description Part # 1 1 Striker Foot Casting D015221 3 1 Blade holder D015223 4 1 Bearing plate D015224 5 1 Drive shaft D015228 6 1 Grip frame D015227 7 1 Hand grip D014916 8 1 Locking flange / Bearing Plate D015233 9 1 Counter Balance Weight D015225 10 1 Crown wheel / Ring Gear D015234 11 4 Rubber bearings D014931 12 1 Fitting spring, 5x 6,5 / Woodruff Key D014905 13 1 Sealing ring / O-Ring D015218 14 1 Distance ring D015217 15 1 Locking clip I 52 / Snap Ring D014857 16 1 Ball bearings 6304 2RS C3 D014711 17 8 Cyl. screw, M6x20 D014752 18 4 Washer, M6 D014859 19 4 Nylock Nut, M6 D014815 20 4 Cyl screw, M5x25 micro T014721 21 4 Safety washer, M5 T014858 22 1 Ball bearing 3304 2RS C3 D014674 23 1 Washer, M12 D014830 24 1 Countersink Screw M8x20 T014760 26 1 Shaft Seal for Gear Head D014847 27 8 Nylock Nut M6x1.0 D014815 28 4 Cyl. screw, M6x14 D014751 29 4 Safety washer, M6 D014858 30 4 Cap Screw, M6x22 D00912415B 31 2 Hexagon screw, M14x35 D009167000N 32 2 Hexagon screw, M8x20 D014775 33 2 Safety washer, M14 D014863 34 1 Rubber sleeves D014932 35 1 Foot switch D015023 36 2 Counter sunk screw M5x70 (Spax) D014797 37 2 Safety washer, M8 D014860 39 1 Baffle D015433 40 1 Gear block housing D015189 41 1 Needle bearing HK 1512 D015190 42 4 Cyl. screw, M5x45 D015191 43 1 Hexagon nut, M10 D015192 44 1 Pinion D015193 45 1 Sealing bushing D015194 46 1 Ball bearing D014709 47 1 Sealing ring D015195 48 1 Cover D015196 49 1 Counter sink screw, M5x16 D015197 51 1 Ball bearing 6001/2RS D014701 52 1 Bearing ring D015199 53 1 Air guide D015200 54 2 Cyl. screw D019523 56 1 C...

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