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Инструкция по эксплуатации Auto Page, модель RS-610

Производитель: Auto Page
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+ Silent Arming / Disarming Channel 2 (Trunk) Timer Control Pres s and Hold for 2 seconds -Car Locator Activate Remote Start or Turn Off The Remote Start Side switching button For 2nd Car Operation or Garage Door Opener Press side button first then press designated button B. ACTIVE LOCK: 1. Press button on the transmitter.. 2. The horn will chirp once and parking lights will flash once indicating that the system is now active. The vehicle doors will lock upon activating when interfaced with the keyless entry system. SILENT LOCKING / UNLOCKING: Pressing the + buttons together on the transmitter will lock or unlock your system, No chirp sound will be heard, lock / unlock confirmation will be through the vehicles parking lights only. C. ACTIVE UNLOCK: 1. Press button on the transmitter.. 2. The horn will chirp twice and parking light will flash twice to indicating that the keyless system is now unlocked. The vehicle doors will unlock and dome lights will turn on for 30 seconds. 3. PATHWAY ILLUMINATION (See Alarm Feature “I -2” Programming): This feature turns the parking light “ON” for 30 seconds upon a unlock signal and for 10 seconds upon the lock signal. TWO STEPS DOOR UNLOCK: This feature will independently unlock the driver door only when deactivating the system. Pushing the button a second time within 3 seconds will unlock the entire vehicle. D. LED DISPLAY: LED Function Off Disarmed Slow flash Armed On (solid) Valet Mode E. CHIRP INDICATOR: Chirp Function 1 Chirp Arm 2 Chirps Disarm 6 Chirps Car Locator F. PARKING LIGHTS: Parking light Function 1 Flash Arm 2 Flashes Disarm 12 Flashes Car Locator Constant On Under Remote Start G. DEACTIVATING WITHOUT A TRANSMITTER The Override function may be used if the remote transmitter is lost or inoperative. 1. Enter the vehicle and turn the ignition switch to ‘ON’ position. 2. Within 10 seconds push and release the valet switch If starter disable is installed. You can now start and operate the vehicle normally. H. VALET MODE: The valet switch allows you to temporarily bypass all system function, eliminating the need to hand your transmitter to parking attendants or garage mechanics. When the system is in valet mode, and remote start functions are bypassed, however the remote panic feature and remote door locks will remain operational. To use the valet mode, the system must first be deactivated either by using you remote transmitter, or by operating the Manual override sequence. Enter Valet Mode: 1. From the Unlock condition, turn the ignition to “ON” position. 2. Push and hold valet switch for 2 seconds until the LED turns on. The LED will remain on as long as the system is in ‘valet mode’. Exit Valet Mode: 1. Return to normal operation, turn ignition ‘on’. 2. Push and hold valet switch for 2 seconds, The LED will turn off indicating the system has exited the valet mode. I. PANIC FUNCTION: (IF CAR HORN IS INSTALLED) The transmitter can be used as a remote panic switch to manually trigger the vehicle’s horn in case of emergency. 1. Press and hold the button for 3 second. The horn will immediately sound. 2. During panic mode, the normal function of this transmitter button will be suspended. The and buttons can be used to lock and unlock the doors (if the option is installed), however once the button is pressed, the vehicle’s starter disable device, (where installed) will be enabled allowing the vehicle to start. 3. To stop the panic, press and hold the or button on the transmitter again for 3 seconds. Also if any transmitter button other than the or button is pressed and released, the panic mode will be turned off immediately. 4. If no buttons are pressed, the panic function will stop automatically in 60 seconds. J. DOME LIGHT CONVENIENCE DELAY & SUPERVISION This system is a unique feature, which will turn on your vehicle dome light as following: (optional) Additional installation required. 1. Upon unlocking, the interior lights will remain on for 30 seconds. 2. If the vehicle is intruded, the interior light will flash for the same duration as the siren. Note: Turning on the ignition switch or activating the system will turn off the dome light. K. IGNITION CONTROL DOOR LOCKS. (See Alarm Feature II – 2 Programming). If the vehicle’s door locks have been interfaced to the security system, the system will automatically lock the vehicle’s doors when the ignition is turned “ON” and /or unlock the vehicle’s doors when the ignition is turned “OFF”. L. TRUNK RELEASE Press and hold the button on transmitter for two seconds to remote control the trunk release or other electric devices. M. CAR LOCATOR Press the button twice with 3 seconds to active car locator function. The horn will chirp 6 times. The parking light will flash 12 times, for you to easily locate your car. REMOTE START OPERATIONS REMOTE START OPERATIONS WARNINGS: As with any product that performs automatic functions, there are certain safety precautions that you must practice and be aware of. 1. Keep the transmit...

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