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Инструкция по эксплуатации B&K, модель SR10.1

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GUIDE TO SIMPLE HOME THEATER OPERATION © 2002 B & K Components Ltd. All rights reserved. B & K Components, Ltd. . 2100 Old Union Road . Buffalo, New York 14227 1.800.543.5252 In NY: 716.656.0026 Fax: 716.656.1291 E-mail: info@bkcomp.com . On the web: Table of Contents Finding the MAIN Menu 1 Turn On the System 2 Using the MAIN Menu 3 Select a New ACTIVITY 3 Select a DEVICE Only 4 Controlling the Volume 5 Operating Any Device 5 Using FAV - Favorites 7 Backlighting 9 Changing CONTRAST 9 Batteries 10 Cleaning the Screen 10 Warranty 12 Specifications 12 12 Finding the MAIN Menu The MAINButton always takes you to the MAIN Menu. The PAGEbutton switches between two MAIN Menu pages IFyou have more than ten remote controls. When the top title bar says MAIN, you are on the MAIN Menu. PAGE 1 The lower title bar displays PAGE1 or PAGE2 as you switch. Each of the remote controls are represented by a button next to the corresponding screen label. Turn On Your Entire System Power on/off your entire system with the MAIN Menu by following these steps: 1. Touch the MAINbutton to make sure that you are on the MAIN Menu. It doesn’t matter which page of the MAIN Menu is displayed. 2. Point the the remote control at the system (usually a repeating sensor near the screen). 3. Touch the On or Off button as desired. Hold the remote steadyand pointed at the system until all components are correctly powered on or off. Turning on the system may take ten to twenty seconds. 4. If one component does not turn on/off, simply touch the button again. TIP – Hold the remote control steady and pointed at the system until the indicator stops flashing. 34 Using the MAIN Menu The MAINMenu enables you to either select a new Activity or simply select a new Device to control. When you select a new activity, the remote control will issue a MACRO (a timed sequence of many commands from many different remote controls). This MACRO was custom programmed for your system by your installer. It will issue all of the commands necessary to switch the sound and picture of your system. When you select a device, the the remote control becomes the remote control you select WITHOUT affecting the home theater. Select a New ACTIVITY 1. Touch the MAIN button to make sure that you are on the MAIN Menu. Touch the PAGE button if you don’t see the activity you want. 2. Point the the remote control at the system (or at the repeating INFRARED sensor if one is installed). 3. Touch the activity button next to the desired screen label. For example if you wish to watch a DVD movie, touch the DVD button. The MAIN Menu buttons issue MACROS that reset the sound and picture of your home theater to a new activity. TIP – Hold the remote control steady and pointed at the system until the indicator stops flashing. If the sound or the picture still are not correct, repeat steps 1 - 4. Select a DEVICE Only 1. Touch the MAIN button to make sure that you are on the MAIN Menu. Touch the Page button if you don’t see the activity you want. 2. Press and hold the MAIN button. While holding the MAIN button down, touch the button next to the desired screen label. The remote control will now display the name of the selected device and all buttons will operate the device, however, the sound and the picture of your system have not been changed. 56 Controlling the Volume For your convenience, the VOLUME Up, VOLUME Down and the MUTE buttons will always control the surround sound system, regardless of what activity or device you are controlling. Operating any Device You can see the name of the device at the top of the screen. If it is not the one you want, return to the MAIN Menu and select a new device or activity. DDVVDD OOPPEENN CCLLOOSSEE All of the printed label buttons on the remote operate just like the original remote control (with the exception of Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute which operate your surround sound system). The Power ONand OFFbuttons now operate only the selected device (to turn the entire system on/off, return to the MAIN Menu). The ten screen labeled buttons are now labeled with any commands that do not fit one of the buttons with printed labels. DDVVDD OOPPEENN CCLLOOSSEE AAUUDDIIOO VVIIDDEEOO AANNGGLLEE SSCCEENNEE TTIITTLLEE SSUUBB SSKKIIPP--SSKKIIPP++ Up to 40 screen labeled buttons are available for each device. To view the additional buttons, press the PAGEbutton to display additional pages. The the remote control can display up to four pages of screen labeled buttons for each activity or device! As you scroll through the pages, notice that the bottom title bar displays which page you are viewing (PAGE1, PAGE2, etc.). 78 The thumbpad is a the remote control exclusive control for both right and left handed operators. When you are operating a device with any kind of on- screen menu, guide or display, the thumbpad offers you easy one-handed control with your thumb. To SELECT or say OK, simply press your thumb straight down. You’ll feel the click as the OK/SELECT...

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