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Инструкция по эксплуатации B&K, модель MZ128

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Observe polarity. 2) Press and hold the B & K and MUTE buttons simultaneously for two seconds. The LED will light up solid red and stay illuminated. 3) Firmly press the desired B & K three digit code set. Always use three digits (i.e. 0-1-1 default for Zone A) 4) Press the B & K button again to confirm setup. The red LED will blink three times when the IR MZ-128 Default Factory Code-Set is: 0-0-0 Whole House Control CODE SET 000-128 MZ-128 BUTTON B & K IR FUNCTION MZ-128 BUTTON B & K IR FUNCTION [POWER STATE] [TUNER] B&K POWER ON AM SELECT THE AM BAND POWER POWER TOGGLE FM SELECT THE FM BAND OFF POWER OFF TUNE + TUNE FREQUENCY UP TUNE - TUNE FREQUENCY DOWN [VOLUME] STA + TUNER FAV PRESET UP MUTE MUTE TOGGLE STA - TUNER FAV PRESET DOWN VOLUME A MASTER VOL UP M STEREO / MONO VOLUME V MASTER VOL DOWN [NAVIGATION] [TONE CONTROL] MENU MENU UP/DOWN LEVEL B+ BASS UP LEFT LEFT OR BALANCE (L) B- BASS DOWN RIGHT RIGHT OR BALANCE (R) T+ TREBLE UP SEL/ENTER SELECT OR ENTER T- TREBLE DOWN UP UP LOUD LOUDNESS TOGGLE DOWN DOWN SAVE SAVE [INPUT SOURCE] EXIT TOTAL EXIT FROM ALL MENUS S+ SOURCE UP ZONE ZONE SELECT S- SOURCE DOWN V+ VIDEO SOURCE UP [NUMERIC] D-IN ZONE DEDICATED IN 0 0 AM TUNER AM 1 1 FM TUNER FM 2 2 IN 1 IN 1 OR [V1] 3 3 IN 2 IN 2 OR [V2] 4 4 IN 3 IN 3 OR [TV] 5 5 IN 4 IN 4 OR [DVD] 6 6 IN 5 IN 5 OR [CD] 7 7 IN 6 IN 6 OR [SAT] 8 8 IN 7 IN 7 OR [TAPE] 9 9 IN 8 IN 8 OR [V4] +10 +10 IN 9 IN 9 OR [V5] [FAVORITE PRESET] PRESET A FAVORITE PRESET UP PRESET V FAVORITE PRESET DN CODE SET 999 MZ-128 BUTTON ON/B & K/POWER OFF VOLUME A VOLUME V 0 2 4 6 MUTE B & K IR FUNCTION [B & K ALL COMMANDS] ALL B & K POWER ON ALL B & K POWER OFF ALL B & K VOLUME UP ALL B & K VOLUME DOWN ALL B & K VOLUME 0 DB ALL B & K VOLUME -20 DB ALL B & K VOLUME -40 DB ALL B & K VOLUME -60 DB ALL B & K MUTE TOGGLE Code-Set 128 Simply Explained Code-Set 128 is a special code-set which allows individual control of the Hardware Zone that the IR Data is received by. It will not function when received by the unit's front panel. I.e., Two keypads are plugged into Zone A & B's Control I/O Ports, when the remote comes into IR view of the keypad in Zone A, the 128 Code-set remote will only control Zone A, when in Zone A. Take that same remote into Zone B and it will only control Zone B....

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