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Инструкция по эксплуатации ClearSounds, модель Photo50 V608

Производитель: ClearSounds
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If you subscribe to Call Waiting or three-way calling from your local phone company you can use the FLASH button to switch between calls. Speakerphone You can make outgoing or receive incoming calls by speakerphone. Simply press the SPEAKERPHONE button and the sound will be switched to speaker. The Speakerphone LED will light. You can adjust speaker volume by setting the right side speaker volume control. To switch between the handset and the speakerphone. While on a call using the handset, press the Speaker Button and replace the handset in the cradle. While on a call using the speakerphone, simply lift the handset. Headset (headset not included) You can plug a 2.5mm headset instead of the speakerphone or handset mode. To make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls, plug the headset to the 2.5mm headset jack (located on the left side of the phone). Press the Speakerphone button to get a dial tone. Note: When using the headset the call is not amplified Shaker (Shaker not included) At the rear of the phone, there is a 3.5mm shaker jack. You can connect an optional shaker device. During ringing, the shaker will vibrate to alert you. ANSWERING MACHINE OPERATION The answering machine has to be turned on in order to receive messages. When a call is received it will be answered after the selected number of rings (see Answering machine set-up). When the answering machine answers an incoming call, the caller will hear your outgoing message. After a short beep they can then leave a message up to 2 minutes. Should the caller exceed this limit, the call will be disconnected. The memory will store approximately 14 minutes of incoming messages (including the outgoing message). Voice Control The answering machine will record a message up to 2 minutes. If the caller stops speaking, the answering machine will disconnect after approximately 7 seconds. Outgoing Message Before you use the answering machine you should record an outgoing message. The outgoing message is your message to an incoming caller and may be up to 60 seconds in length. You may want the message to tell the caller that they may start speaking once the beep is heard. Recording an Outgoing Message 1 Press and hold REPEAT. You will hear a short beep, and the display will show rA. (Hold the REPEAT key down while recording your message) 2 Record your outgoing message (min 5 seconds). Speak clearly towards the machine from a distance of 6-8 inches. 3 Release REPEAT to stop recording. 4 The outgoing message will be repeated after a few seconds. Repeat this procedure if you want to change the message, any old outgoing message will automatically be erased when a new one is recorded. Checking the Outgoing Message Press REPEAT. The current outgoing message will now be played. Press ON/OFF on the answering machine, to stop playing the Out Going Message. ANSWERING MACHINE SET-UP Use the 2\ 6 \TS switch on the bottom of the phone to select after how many rings the unit will respond to an incoming call. • 2 = calls are answered after two rings. • 6 = calls are answered after six rings. • TS (TOLL SAVER) = activates the toll saver function. In Toll Saver mode incoming calls are answered after six rings until the first new message has been recorded. Once a message has been recorded the answering machine will answer after approximately two rings. This is useful when trying to remotely access the answering machine; if the answering machine has not answered at the fourth ring, no messages have been recorded and you can hang up before you are charged for the call. If the machine answers after two rings new messages have been recorded. Setting the date and time Press and hold the SKIP button for 2 seconds. The system announces Sunday. Press the SKIP button repeatedly until you hear the correct day of the week. Confirm by pressing the PLAY button, the system will announce “0” Press the SKIP button repeatedly until you hear the correct time Confirm by pressing the PLAY button, you will hear the minutes currently set. Press the SKIP button until you hear the correct minutes announced. Confirm by pressing the PLAY button and the complete day and time will be announced. You can check the day and time setting at any time by pressing the SKIP button. Note: In case of a power failure the date and time must be reset Playback of messages The display flashes to show how many new messages have been received. If no new messages have been received the display shows total messages (old). Playback will always begin with any new messages. For example if there are three old messages and two new ones, only the two new ones will be played back, then the answering machine will return to standby mode. Press the play button once again to listen to all messages, starting with the oldest messages. 1 Press PLAY to start playback. If you want to pause during playback of a message press the PLAY button and the message will pause (max. 7 seconds). Press PLAY again to resume playback. 2 When playback is ...

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