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Инструкция по эксплуатации Siemens, модель Gigaset

Производитель: Siemens
Размер: 1.13 mb
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Фрагмент инструкции

f? Press the Set key. Baby call (direct call) number setting If a phone number is set for the Baby Call function, it is dialled automatically when the telephone is locked (s. "Activating/deactivating the telephone lock") after you lift the handset (or press the Loudspeaker key) and press any key (except f?, (Lh^H and (~D). The telephone does not allow other phone numbers to be dialled, but incoming calls can be received. Initiate function. O Enter direct call number (max. 32 digits). f? Press the Set key. When the baby call function is activated, you will see and { in the display. Deactivating Initiate function. f? Press the Set key. Deleting a baby call phone number Initiate function. f? Press the Set key. Activating/deactivating the telephone lock The telephone can be locked completely (with the exception of a baby call phone number if set) so that it cannot dial any phone numbers, including the baby call phone number. You can continue to receive incoming calls. f?8 Initiate function.. (0/ d 0: unlock; 1: lock ? Press the Set key. 5 When the telephone is locked, you will see { in the display. Activate/deactivate call duration display The telephone can display the approximate call duration in the display (up to 99 min. 59 sec., default setting: on). If the call duration display is activated, the time display begins 8 seconds after the last digit is dialled. i?18# Initiate function. (0/ I'd 0: deactivate; 1: activate. ? Press the Set key. Setting the pause time If necessary, the pause time of the Pause key f; (pause function from second input position) can be changed to 1, 3 or 6 seconds (default setting: 3 seconds). Initiate function. 0: 1 sec.; 1: 3 sec.; 2: 6 sec.. ? Press the Set key. Changing the dialling mode f?# Initiate function. I'd/ (2 1: Tone dialling. 2: Pulse dialling without flash function. ? Press the Set key. Changing dialling modes during a call If your telephone is set to pulse dialling and you want to use functions that require tone dialling (e.g. remote access to an answering machine), you can change the dialling mode during a call. With an open connection: press the star key. O Enter digits for remote control/data transfer. The telephone is reset to the original dialling mode by hanging up the handset. Operation on a PABX Enter/delete an external line prefixe If you are using your telephone on a PABX, you may have to save one or more external line prefixes. A dialling pause is set automatically with the external line prefixe. You can save up to three external line prefixes. f?0 Initiate function. If no external line prefixe has been set in a location, Z appears in the display. If several external line prefixes are saved, these...

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