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Инструкция по эксплуатации Aiphone, модель TB-20T

Производитель: Aiphone
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Observe polarity. NOTE: DB-TS can not be connected to additional selector. -3 - INSTALLATION EXAMPLE #(1) : TB-10T w/9 TB-RC & 1 door station * The master station may select and call up to two sub stations simultaneously, except including door station. * Install DB-TS door station adaptor as near master station as possible. * A door station may be connected to either master station but can not be connected to two masters. -4- INSTALLATION EXAMPLE # (2) : TB-10T w/additional selector & 30 TB-RC CONNECTION OF TB-T MASTER TO ADD-ON SELECTOR The provided connector allows easy plug-in connection between master and additional selector. INSTALLATION OF CALL EXTENSION: ICR-1 CONNECTOR A call extension device: ICR-1 may be added to each master station so as to signal calls in a room other than master’s. Connect terminals S, S on master to ICR-1 — wiring is non-polarized. After wiring terminals, install ICR-1 to a gang box or to wall with supplied screws, as shown. SCREW (x2) i?,?^ECTING WIRE GANG BOX - 5 - INSTALLATION EXAMPLE # (3) : 2 TB-10T w/each 9 TB-RC subs In the above example, sub stations from #1 to #6 can call two masters simultaneously. In this case, separate wires (each 2) are required from sub to each master. When a sub station # 1 picks up handset, both masters may be signalled by tone and lamp. But when a master is engaged in other communication, a sub station # 1 may hear both call and busy tones. When a call is received by either master, the call will be automatically cancelled at the other master. -6- INSTALLATION EXAMPLE # (4) TB-10T SYSTEM WITH ONE paging block NOTE: IN A TWO-MASTER SYSTEM, SEPARATE PAGING EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED FOR EACH MASTER. * For full information, please refer to the Instructions packed with PA-T. ADJUSTING CALL TONE VOLUME MASTER STATION The call tone volume may be adjusted to three levels by setting switch as desired. iTONE VOLUME CONTROL L O W u p M I D D L E D 0 W N SUB STATION: When sub station is located in a quiet place, you may reduce the call tone volume by removing a jumper between terminals S, S on back of TB-RC phone. -7 - OPERATIONS MASTER STATION 1. Receiving a call; A. Incoming calls are annunciated by tone and lamp. B. Pick up handset and depress the selector button above the illuminated LED. C. If a second station calls the annunciator lamp will illuminate but the tone will not sound. D. If a door station calls the annunciator lamp will illuminate for approximately 20 seconds, and the tone will sound unless the master is busy. E. Depress OFF button at the end of every conversation. A tone will sound to remind you if you forgot to depress OFF button. 2. Placing a call; Pick up handset and depress selector button of sub station desired. Your call will automatically be annunciated by audio tone. When you hear busy tone upon calling to another master, please call it later. 3. Conversation between subs can be accomplished as follows (except to door station); A. Sub station #1 calls master and indicates that it would like to talk with sub station #3. B. The master places sub station #1 on hold by depressing OFF cancel button and then calls sub station #3 and informs him that sub station #1 is waiting to talk with him. C. The master then selects sub station #1 again and hangs up. D. At the end of conversation both parties hang up and a tone will sound, reminding the master to cancel the selector switches. 4. Paging; A. Pick up handset and depress selector button of zone desired. This will cut out background music and transmit pretone over paging speakers. Make paging announcement through handset. B. Upon completing page, hang up handset and cancel the selected button by depressing OFF button. NOTE: Up to 2 paging zones may be selected at a time. SUB STATION To place a call simply pick up handset and wait for the master station to answer. A tone will be heard indicating the master is ringing. If a faster repeated tone is heard, the master is busy. Your call is announced at master by a lamp only and you may wait for a reply or call later. DOOR STATION Momentarily depress the call button. Talk and listen hands free to master station. Do not push call button during conversation. * * * We at AIPHONE are proud of our products. Our designers and engineers strive to bring you the finest in communication equipment. Each item has been carefully tested and inspected before leaving our factory. Properly installed and used, your Aiphone intercom system should give years of trouble-free service. We are pleased to offer the following warranty: pm WARRANTY Aiphone warrants its products to be free from defects of material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year after delivery to the ultimate user and will repair free of charge or replace at no charge; should it become defective upon which examination shall disclose to be defective and under warranty. Aiphone reserves unto itself...

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