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Инструкция по эксплуатации Geemarc, модель Jupiter 4

Производитель: Geemarc
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1 2 2-CONNECTING BatteriesarerequiredforthephonebookandcallerIDfunction. The batteriesalsoretainthe memoriesinthephonebook.Incaseofpower cutandifthereareno batteries,the memorieswillbekept2mins. ALWAYS ENSURE THATTHE UNIT IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE TELEPHONE LINE WHEN INSTALLING OR CHANGING BATTERIES. Adaptor (option) (*)PTT plug (**) Wall socket 230V Telephone cord Adaptor cord 5 Classified TNV-3 according to EN60950 standard. *** Classified «hazardous voltage» according to EN60950 standard. Headset (option) INSTALLATION INSTALLATION -Connect the handset cord. -Open the battery door. -Insert4xAAA alkaline batteriesinthe battery compartment. -Snapthe batterydoorbackinplace. -Connectthe telephonecordinLINE1jack.(*)TheLINE2canbeused toconnectamodem. -Connect the adaptor cord. (**) (optional) -Connect the headset cord (optional). TheACadaptorcanreplacethe batteriesforthephonebookandcallerID functions.Butincaseofpowercut, batterieswillalwaysbeusefultoretain the memories and for the phonebook and CID function. 2-RINGER SELECT SWITCH Settheringer switchtothe desiredlevel(HI/LO). Forthe maximum ringer volume, movethering selectorto HIposition.If youpreferagentlering,movethering selectortothe LOposition Note:SubscriptionmayberequiredtousetheCallerIDandother value added services. Please contact your Network Service Provider for further details. If you have not subscribed to the Caller IDor someofthe otherValue added services,the CallerIDand Message Waiting features will not work but all other features and functionsin your JUPITER4telephone will work normally. 3-FLASH MODE(ETR/RSWITCH) . * ClassifiedTNV-3accordingtoEN60950standard** Classified «hazardousvoltageaccordingtoEN60950standard. -ETR:earth recall. -R:recall (R=100ms) =UKsetting. 6 SETTING UP SETTING UP Inthe standby mode, you can enter theMAIN MENU bypressing the button. The menu includes PHONE BOOK,SET TIME and SET PHONE functions. Use or buttontoselecttherequired function,thenpressOKbutton to enter or press Xbuttonto exit. 1-SET TIME AND DATE -After entering the SET TIME menu, press OK. -Use or buttonto selectthe correct number. -PressOKbuttonto confirmand movetothe next item. -Aftersettingthetime,youcansetthe correctmonthanddaybyusing or buttontoselectthe correct number. -When you finish the setting, press OKbuttontoconfirm. -Press Xbutton to exit. NOTE: Whenyou receiveafirstcalltothisunit,timeanddatewillbe automaticallysetifyouhave CallerIDservice.(FSK standard) The setting sequenceis HOUR-MINUTE-MONTH-DAY. 2-SET PHONE -After entering the SET PHONE menu, press OK. There are 10 menus: SET RING/CALLWAITING/AUTOONHOOK/ SET LANGUAGE/LCD CONTRAST/SET AREA&LDS (LONG DISTANCE CODE)/SET FLASH/DIM:X--->X/HOUR FORMAT/ DATE FORMAT. 7 SETTING UP SETTING UP -Use or buttontoselect oneofthese items. -Press OKbuttonto enteror press Xbuttonto exit. 2.1 -SET RING Thereare4kindsofringtype. -After entering the SET RING menu, press OK. -Use or buttonto selectthering toneyouprefer. -Press OKbuttonto confirm. -Press Xbuttontoexittotheprevious menu.(The defaulttypeisType3) 2.2 -CALLWAITING -After entering the CALLWAITING menu, press OK. -Use or buttontoselectON/OFFto activate/de-activatethecall waiting function. -Press OKbuttonto confirm. -Press Xbuttontoexittotheprevious menu.(The defaultmodeisOFF) 2.3 -AUTO ON HOOK -After entering the AUTOONHOOK menu, press OK. -Use or buttontoselectON/OFFto activate/de-activatetheauto on hook function. -Press OKbuttonto confirm. -Press Xbuttontoexittotheprevious menu.(The defaultmodeisOFF) Theautoonhook functionallowsyouto disconnecttheline automatically about8secondsafterdiallingoutifthelineisbusy. 8 SETTING UP SETTING UP 2.4 -SET LANGUAGE The unit supports multi languages, including Chinese, Korean, Greek, Australian English, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and English. -After entering the SET LANGUAGE menu, press OK. -Use or buttonto selectthe required language. -Press OKbuttonto confirm. -Press Xbuttontoexittotheprevious menu.(The defaultlanguageis English) 2.5 -LCD CONTRAST -After entering the LCD CONTRAST menu, press OK. -Use or buttonto selecttheLCD contrast level. -Press OKbuttonto confirm. -Press Xbuttontoexittothe previous menu. 2.6 -SET AREA&LDS CODE Whenyouusethisphoneforthe firsttime,or movetoan areathathas differentareacode,youmustenteryourareacode.Thisisnecessary because the phone must distinguish local (AREA) or long distance calls (LDS)to properlydial callsformthe callerIDlist. -After entering the SET AREA&LDS menu, press OK. -The LCD displays «AREA CODE» -Use or buttonto selectthe firstdigitofthe area code.Ifthe area codeis09,thenthefirstfourdigits mustbeleft blank.Toinsertablank, press OK. 9 SETTING UP SETTING UP -Press OKbuttonto confirmandenterthenextdigitsetting. -Whenthe areacodehasbeenset(6digits length),press OKbutton once toenterthelong distancecode(LDSCODE)setting(4digitslength). -The LCD displays SET LDS CODE. -Use or buttonto selectthe firstdigitoftheLDS code.Ift...

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