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Инструкция по эксплуатации Doro, модель NEOBIO 10

Производитель: Doro
Размер: 1.29 mb
Название файла: ba5ef7ae-2eba-4c88-99da-4f9af7d90640.pdf
Язык инструкции:enfr
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Фрагмент инструкции

Connect mains adapter/phone cable to wall sockets. 2. Insert batteries (1.2V NiMH AAA) in accordance with the markings. 3. Charge with the keypad facing outwards (24 hours the first time). 4. Press (left menu button). 5. Scroll {/} to HS SETTINGS. 6. Press OK (left menu button). 7. Scroll to LANGUAGE. Press OK. 8. Scroll to ENGLISH. Press OK. 9. Press L or several times to exit the menu screens. If the NeoBio 15r/25r base unit’s display is showing -- the answer machine is disconnected, or time/date is not set. Date/Time 10. Press (left menu button). 11. Scroll {/} to HS SETTINGS. Press OK. 12. Scroll to HS DISPLAY. Press OK. 13. Scroll to TIME. Press OK. 14. Scroll to DATE & TIME. Press OK. 15. Scroll to SET TIME. Press OK. 16. Enter time of day (HH-MM). Press OK. 17. Scroll to SET DATE. Press OK. 18. Enter date (DD MM YY). Press OK. 19. Press L or several times to exit the menu screens. The format of date/time can also be adjusted. Battery When the batteries are relatively new and fully-charged (10 hours) they will last for approx. 100 hours’ standby time or approx. 10 hours’ call time..T.............................................F............ T.............................................F............These times apply at normal room temperature..F............ F............Full battery capacity will not be reached until the batteries have been charged 4-5 times................................... .................................It is not possible to overcharge or damage the batteries by charging them for ”too long”. It may take up to 5 minutes charging before display wakes up, if batteries are totally empty. Please note! When the battery is low or when there is too great a distance to the base unit the telephone will be unable to connect to a line. Do not place the base unit close to other electrical equipment, in direct sunlight or other strong heat sources! This is to minimize the risk of any interference. It is normal for the device to become warm during charging and this is not dangerous. Use only original batteries. The guarantee does not cover any damage caused by using the wrong batteries. English Battery LED When the batteries are running low, will flash and a warning tone will be heard when a call is in progress. Please note that the complete battery indicator in the display will flash as long as the handset is charging, and when the battery is fully charged only the inner segment will flash. Base unit indicators 7 Steady light while charging is in progress and flashes when fully charged. Only NeoBio 15r/25r: Steady light during calls and flashes when there is an incoming call or new message on the answer machine. Range The telephone’s range depends on whether or not the radio waves carrying the call are restricted by obstacles in their path, and is usually between 50 and 300 metres. Coverage can be improved by turning one’s head so that the handset is aligned with the base unit. Sound quality declines as the limit is reached until the call is finally interrupted. The 6 symbol is shown when the phone is within range and goes out/flashes when it is out of range. Making a call 1. Enter the required number. Delete if necessary with right menu button C. 2. Press q to make the call. Press L to end the call. Please note! (Only NeoBio 20/25r) To switch between handset/speaker press . In speaker mode, you cannot both speak at once – you must take it in turns to talk. Receiving a call 1. .............................Wait for the handset to ring. 2. Press q to answer. Press L to end the call. Volume control The volume may be adjusted during a call with {/}. Redial Press r. Scroll among the 5 most recently dialled numbers with {/}. Press q. Mute button The microphone can be switched off/on during a call with C (right menu button). Paging The handset will ring when J (on the base unit) is pressed. The signal will stop automatically after a while or if the L button on the handset or the J button on the base unit are pressed. Temporary silent mode When someone calls, you can press C (right menu button) to turn off the handset ring signal. Softkeys Note the top two keys are “softkeys”. Their function is shown in the Display directly above them. Phonebook You can save 20 numbers/names. If you subscribe to a caller ID service, the name allocated to the caller in the phonebook will be shown for incoming calls. It is possible to choose between various ringers for the numbers saved in the Phonebook (only functions if you subscribe to a caller ID service). Save name/number in handset 1. Press b. Press . 2. Scroll to ADD. Press OK. 3. Press equivalent digit key several times for desired name. Press OK. 4. Enter the telephone number, including the area code. Delete if necessary with right menu button C. Press OK. 5. Scroll to required ringer. Press OK. Managing the phonebook 1. Press b. Scroll between entries with {/}. You can quick search the phonebook by pressing the corresponding number key for the first letter. 2....

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