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Инструкция по эксплуатации Alcatel-Lucent, модель 4008

Производитель: Alcatel-Lucent
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Function keys Hang-up key: to terminate a call. Hands-free/Loudspeaker Key: to make or answer a call without lifting the receiver (Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4008/4018 Phone). • Lit in hands-free mode or headset mode (short press). • Flashing in loudspeaker mode (long press). Intercom/Mute key: • during a conversation: press this key so that your correspondent can no longer hear you. • terminal idle: press this key to answer calls automatically without picking up the receiver (Not available in 'safe' mode). To adjust the loudspeaker or handset volume up or down Messaging key to access various mail services If the key flashes, a new voice message or a new text message has been received. 'Redial' key : to access the 'Redial' function. .. Navigation Up-down navigator: used to navigate around the home page, through the menus or in a text zone when entering characters. The home page consists of: • information on the status of the set (set locked, call forward, etc.), • date and time, • set programming and configuration functions. OK key: used to validate your choices and options while programming or configuring. Back/Exit key: to return to previous menu (short press) or return to first screen (long press). You can also use this key to correct a character you entered. OK .. Function keys and programmable keys Guide key: use to obtain the name and number associated with the telephone, information on the pre-programmed keys or to access the set programming or configuration. Phone book key : phone book key to access your personal phone book (short press) or to make a call by name (long press or press twice)*. Pre-programmed function keys and programmable key Lit when the function associated with the key is activated. The 6-key block consists of: .. two line keys, .. one 'immediate forwarding or cancel call-forward' key, .. one 'conference' key, .. one 'transfer' key, .. one direct call key to programme. Only the line keys are enabled in 'safe' mode . Alphanumeric keypad .. This symbol indicates the functions that can be accessed in 'safe' mode . According to the configuration the telephone system of your company, your phone set can automatically switch to 'safe' mode in case of loss of connection with the system, in order to ensure continuity of service . For more information, contact your installer or administrator . The 'safe' mode is only available for 8 Extended Edition Series . To avoid accidentally damaging the set telephone line connector, make sure you position the cord correctly in the compartment intended for this purpose. ! English Other Customize your terminal Modifying your personal code Lock / unlock your telephone follow informations displayed on the screen depending the displayed informations, enter your password or confirm* Settings OK Options OR Phone OK Password OK Lock OK Adjusting the audio functions SIP Adjusting screen brightness SIP Using your telephone Identify the terminal you are on SIP Making a call SIP Receiving a call SIP Redial...

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