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Инструкция по эксплуатации Alcatel-Lucent, модель TEMPORIS 22

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Plug the telephone cord into the socket (C) situated on the back of the set and plug the other end (D) into the telephone wall socket. NOTE: The spare socket (E) enables a modem to be connected. Stick the emergency number label in the appropriate place. 2. WALL MOUNTING To mount your telephone set on the wall, remove the wall mounting peg and put it back in reverse position as described below. Bore two 6mm-large holes, spaced 70 mm apart. Put two plugs in place, then, place in two screws (3.5 mm O and 25 mm long) without tightening them. Place the cord in the slot situated underneath the set. B A D E C Wall mounted position Horizontal position FUNCTION KEYS Stick the phone number label there Peg for wall mounting Loudspeaker Loudspeaker key * Loudspeaker and ringer * 10 memories Message waiting lamp Memories and set programming key Redial/Pause Mute key Additional services access key sound level adjustment * on TEMPORIS 22 only 3. GENERAL USE 3.1 LINE LAMP / MESSAGE WAITING LAMP This light flashes in rhythm with the ringing when you receive a call. It lights up as soon as you take the line. If you are connected to a private ALCATEL telephone system equipped with mail, the message waiting lamp informs you of a message in your “mail box”. Dialling can be done in two different ways: . By lifting the handset then dialling. . By dialling in on hook mode. 3.2 DIALLING IN ON HOOK MODE* Press the loudspeaker key then dial your correspondent’s number. Go off hook to establish the conversation. 3.3 LOUDSPEAKER KEY* During a call, press the Loudspeaker key so that the people around you can hear the conversation. . Adjust the sound level with the and keys. . Deactivate the loudspeaker by pressing the Loudspeaker key again. 3.4 HANDSET SOUND VOLUME* When the loudspeaker is deactivated, you can increase the handset sound volume. . Press the key. . To return to the initial volume, press the key. 3.5 MUTE . Press the Mute key. Your correspondent can no longer hear you during this waiting time. BEEP . 1 beep is generated on the line every 10 seconds. . To resume the conversation, press the Mute key again. 3.6 LAST NUMBER REDIAL . Go off hook. . Press the Last Number Redial key. To erase the last number redial . Go off hook. . Press the Programming key twice. . Press the Last Number Redial key. 3.7 ADDITIONAL SERVICES KEYS Function keys allowing access to additional services. (Ask at your local Telecom company or your fitter for information). * On TEMPORIS 22 only 4. USING THE MEMORIES BEEP NOTE: When programming your TEMPORIS communicates with you using . 1 Beep : Whilst programming, each key pressed is validated by 1 BEEP . 2 Beeps : Indicate that your programming is correct. 3 Beeps : Something is wrong in your programming; Restart from the beginning. Your telephone set can store 10 numbers of up to 24 digits. 4.1 PROGRAMMING THE MEMORIES Programming without calling . Go off hook. . Press the Programming key. . Enter the number. . Press one of the ten memory keys. Programming whilst calling . Go off hook. . Enter the number. . Press the Programming key whether you are in conversation or not. . Press one of the ten memory keys. 4.2 DIALLING FROM A MEMORY . Go off hook. . Press one of the ten memories keys.The loaded number is dialled automatically. 4.3 ERASING A MEMORY . Go off hook. . Press the Programming key twice. . Press the key corresponding to the memory to be erased. 5. CHOOSING AND ADJUSTING THE RINGER You can choose and adjust one of the four melodies available when your telephone is ringing, or at any time after entering the programming mode. 5.1 WHEN YOUR TELEPHONE IS RINGING Modification of the ringer can be carried out during a ringing phase. . Press one of the keys 1, 2, 3 or 4 to change the melody. . To reduce or increase ringing volume, press or on TEMPORIS 22 or press or on TEMPORIS 12. Your modifications are memorized, you can answer the call. 5.2 WHEN IN PROGRAMMING MODE To access the programming mode: . Press and hold keys 1 and 3 simultaneously. . Pick up the handset. . Release the keys. BEEP . Access to programming mode is confirmed by 1 beep. To adjust the ringing: . Press the Programming key then key 1 (current melody is heard). . To reduce or increase ringing volume, press or on TEMPORIS 22 or press or on TEMPORIS 12. . Pressing a key between 1 and 4 changes the melody. To put ringer ON/OFF: . Press the Programming key then key 0. . Press to put the ringer OFF. When ringer is OFF, 4 BEEP are heard when picking up the handset. . Press to put the ringer ON. . Put the handset on hook. 6. LOCKING THE TELEPHONE SET Thanks to a 4-digit password, your can: . Forbid access to the ringing tone programming. . Forbid access to the configuration for professional use. . Limit calls to phone numbers of up to 6 digits maximum. The initial password is 0000. 6.1 ACCESSING THE PROGRAMMING MODE Your are offered 3 operations. For each of them, access the programming mode again. . Press and hold keys 4 and 6 simulta...

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