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Инструкция по эксплуатации Casio, модель YP-100

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.. For information about basic YC-400 operations, see “Using the YP-100 with a YC-400 Document Camera” on page E-19 of this manual. .. For detailed information about operations, see the User’s Guide on the CD-ROM that comes with the YP-100. XJ-S30, etc. YP-100 YC-400 Introduction About this manual... Terms and Conventions In this manual, there are many procedures that require parallel operations on the YP-100 and your computer. The following are special terms and conventions used in this manual to differentiate between the YP-100 and computer. projection area This is the entire rectangular area that is projected by the projector connected to the YP-100. Certain YP-100 operations will cause messages and menus to appear within the projection area. computer screen This is the physical display device of your computer. CD-ROM User Documentation Detailed explanations about how to use the YP-100 can be found in the User’s Guide PDF file on the CD-ROM that comes with the YP-100. Your computer will need to have Adobe® Reader® installed in order for you to view the User’s Guide file. If your (Windows) computer does not have Adobe Reader installed, double-click the “AdbeRdr60_enu_full.exe” file on the CD-ROM to install Adobe Reader. Viewing CD-ROM User Documentation 1. Place the bundled CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. 2. Navigate to the CD-ROM, and open the “User’s Guide” folder. 3. Double-click “YP100_UG_ENG.PDF”. • This starts up Adobe Reader and displays the contents of the User’s Guide. • On some systems, the “.PDF” extension may not appear at the end of the file name. E-10 General Guide General Guide Introduction YP-100 LINE OUT terminal AC adaptor terminal [POWER] indicator [ ] (Power) key [ ] (Hold) key [HOLD] indicator Remote Controller English RGB OUT terminal Remote control signal receiver (both sides) USB port Remote control signal emitter CLASS 1 LED PRODUCT [ ] key Cursor keys [• ........, • ........, • ........, • ........] [ENTER] key [MENU] key [ESC] key [FUNC] key [ ] key [ ] key [ ] key E-11 Getting Ready Getting Ready Preparing the Remote Controller The remote control unit comes loaded with a test battery. Before using it for the first time, remove the battery insulation sheet from the back of the remote controller. • To avoid running down the battery, store the remote control unit so its buttons are not pressed inadvertently. Replacing the Remote Controller Battery The battery (CR2025) that comes pre-installed in the remote controller is for test purposes. Caution RISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY AN INCORRECT TYPE. DISPOSE OF USED BATTERIES ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS. Caution Misuse of a battery can cause it to leak and stain of the area around it, or to explode, creating the risk of fire and personal injury. Make sure that you always observe the following precautions. • Take care that battery is positioned correctly when you load it. • Use only the type of battery that is specified for use with the remote controller. 1. Turn over the remote controller. Insert your thumbnail into slot 1 on the battery holder and press to the right as you pull the battery holder out of the remote controller by pulling on slot 2 with your index finger nail. Battery holder 1 2 E-12 Getting Ready 2. Insert a new battery (CR2025) into the 3. Slide the battery holder back into the battery holder. remote controller. • Make sure that the plus (+) side of the battery is facing upwards (so you can see it). Connecting a Projector • Make sure that the YP-100 and the projector are both turned off before connecting them. YP-100 RGB OUT LINE OUT terminal terminal Audio cable (commercially available) Projector To RGB IN terminal To LINE IN terminal RGB cable (commercially available or bundled with the projector) • The audio part of a movie file stored on a USB memory devices connected to the YP-100 is output from the YP-100’s LINE OUT terminal. There is no need to connect the YP-100’s LINE OUT terminal to external equipment if you do not want to output recorded audio. • If the projector you are using does not have a LINE IN terminal, you can connect the YP-100’s LINE OUT terminal to a speaker with built-in amplifier. English E-13 Getting Ready Turning On Power To turn on the YP-100 1. Connect the projector to the YP-100, referring to “Connecting a Projector” (page E-13). 2. Turn on the projector and/or audio equipment that is connected to the YP-100. 3. Connect the AC adaptor that comes with the YP-100 to the AC adaptor terminal, and plug the AC adaptor into a power outlet. • This will cause the YP-100 to turn on automatically. • This will cause the YP-100’s [POWER] indicator to light green. Also, the YP-100 logo screen will be projected by the projector if there is nothing connected to the YP-100’s USB port. • If this is the first time for you to turn on the YP-100, the dialog box shown below will appear in the center of the projection area. In this case, advance to the next step below. 4. Use the [..] and...

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