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Инструкция по эксплуатации Optoma Technology, модель UH480

Производитель: Optoma Technology
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Securely connect the projector assembly to the ceiling mount and then adjust the projector and ceiling mount to center the projector's image in the horizontal center of your screen. 4. Install ceiling hooks (not supplied) into the ceiling directly above the Plate Hooks. The ceiling hooks should be small enough to accept a Chain End but strong enough when installed to each support 40 pounds or more. 5. Attach a Chain End to the Chain and then connect to one of the ceiling hooks. Cut the Chain and assemble to another Chain End for a best fit to the corresponding Plate Hook and attach. Repeat for the other set of hooks. 6. Adjust and tighten the nuts on the Plate Hook Assemblies to make the Chains tight but without raising the front of the Attachment Plate. You may wish to turn the projector on to ensure the image remains properly oriented to the screen during this step. At this point proceed to the appropriate lens/transport mounting step. Plate Hook Bag Contents (AK6 only) 3/16” Chain (6 feet) Chain End (4) Plate Hook as assembled to Attachment Plate #8-32 Wire Hook (2) #8-32 Nut (4) #8 Washer (4) M4 Lock Washer (2) Ceiling side Attachment Plate Ceiling Mount adapter Attachment Screws Spacers Optoma BX-AL133B User Manual and Installation Guide, Version 1.0, copyright Nov, 2008, all rights reserved, Panamorph Inc. Page 7 MOUNTING THE ATH1 TRANSPORT 1. DO NOT CONNECT POWER TO THE TRANSPORT AT THIS TIME. 2. Position the flat side of the motorized transport against the bottom side of the Attachment Plate so that the transport logo is toward the screen and the center “M” hole in the Attachment Plate is aligned with the front recessed transport hole. Insert the #10-32 pivot screw up through the transport and Attachment Plate and loosely complete the assembly with the corresponding washer, lock washer and nut. Now loosely insert the four small 3/8” screws through the four remaining “M” slots through the top of the Attachment Plate and down into the transport. 3. Refer to the ATH1 user manual (included with ATH1) for additional instructions to install the lens at this time, but do not forget to complete the “Final Adjustments” step below. FINAL ADJUSTMENTS (ALL INSTALLATIONS) 1. Turn the projector on with the UH480 Lens out of the projector beam. Set the horizontal lens shift to neutral (if a feature of your projector) and then adjust the ceiling mount so that the 16:9 image is in the exact center of and square to the screen, with a similar amount of image slightly over the top and bottom screen borders. If the projector lens is not in the exact horizontal center of the screen you may need to use a little horizontal lens shift for this purpose. 2. Bring the UH480 Lens into the beam. Adjust the vertical position and tilt of the Lens so that the projector beam is passing through the center of the Lens and so any residual pincushion distortion is about the same at the top and bottom of the image. This will typically result in the UH480 Lens being below the center of the projector lens and tilted slightly downward. Tighten the knobs. 3. Adjust the rotation of the ATH1 transport so that the left and right sides of the image are an equal distance from their respective screen borders. Now tighten the Pivot Screw (M380) and also the four remaining screws holding the transport to the Attachment Plate. 4. For optimum multiple aspect ratio performance, adjust the projector’s zoom so that a 1.85:1 aspect ratio movie (Lens “out”) is just masked by the top and bottom of the screen border. This way 1.85:1, 16:9 and 2.35-2.4:1 aspect ratio movies should all be presented to fill the screen at a constant height. ATH1/M380 Attachment Bag Contents #6-32x3/8” screw (4) #10-32x5/8” screw (1) #10-32 lock washer (1) #10-32 washer (1) #10-32 nut (1) Pivot screw as assembled Attachment Plate ATH1 mount CLEANING In most applications lenses do not need very much cleaning – a bit of dust will not impact image clarity. However, in today’s high performance home cinemas with very dark rooms a small build-up of dust or other foreign matter on your projector lens or your Panamorph lens can produce a measurable reduction in contrast. The most effective cleaning approach is to simply blow off any dust. If there is any residue or build-up then it is recommended that you clean the optics with professional lens cleaning supplies such as from a camera store while the lens is in front of the lit beam of the projector. This will allow you to quickly see both the results of cleaning and also if you are causing any damage. Optoma Technology, Inc. 715 Sycamore Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035 Optoma BX-AL133B User Manual and Installation Guide, Version 1.0, copyright Nov, 2008, all rights reserved, Panamorph Inc. Page 8 ...

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