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Инструкция по эксплуатации Campbell Manufacturing, модель CS510

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The CS510-L Oxyguard Dissolved Oxygen Probe is manufactured by Point Four Systems Incorporated. Point Four’s conditions of sale and return policy apply to these items. Products may not be returned without prior authorization. To obtain an RMA number contact Point Four Systems, Inc., phone (604) 936-9936. NOTE: if the product has been exposed to hazardous media, it must be fully decontaminated and neutralized prior to return to Point Four Systems. This is a blank page. CS510 OxyGuard Dissolved Oxygen Probe An accurate and reliable sensor is a critical element in any measurement system. The OxyGuard Stationary Probe meets these criteria for the measurement of dissolved oxygen. 1. General Information The OxyGuard Stationary Probe is a galvanic probe which produces a millivolt signal proportional to the amount of oxygen present in the measured medium. Oxygen diffuses through the membrane onto the cathode, reacts chemically, and combines with the anode. An electrical current is produced by this chemical reaction which is converted from microamps to millivolts by an in-line resistor. An in-line thermistor also conditions the signal providing automatic temperature compensation. With these features, the probe produces a millivolt output proportional to the oxygen present in the medium in which it is placed. The probe consists of two parts, an upper part with cathode, anode and cable, and a lower part comprising a screw on membrane cap with fitted membrane. The cap is filled with electrolyte and simply screwed onto the top component. The probe is self polarizing and requires no external power source. There are only two wires to connect. Cable length is rarely a limiting factor and generally there is no need for shielded wire. Because the probe's output is linear, it is possible to connect it directly to a data acquisition system capable of handling the small millivolt signal. The probe's robust construction and simple design make maintenance and servicing it straightforward. There is no need to send the probe back to the factory for servicing. It utilizes a strong, easy-to-clean and easy-to-change membrane in a screw-on membrane cap. Regular servicing is not required. When necessary probe can be fully overhauled in five minutes. FIGURE 1-1. CS510-L CS510 OxyGuard Dissolved Oxygen Probe 2. Specifications Principle of Measurement: Membrane covered polarographic oxygen probe— self polarizing galvanic cell Output Signal: 5 mV per mg/l, 2 mV per %/vol nominal Accuracy: Better than +/- 2 % of reading +/- 1 digit when calibration temperature equals measuring temperature +/- 5 C Repeatability: Better than +/- 0.2 mg/l; Better than +/- 0.5 %/vol when barometric pressure unchanged Output Impedance: 1 kOhm nominal Response Time: mg/l: 60 s for 90 % of 100 % step change at constant temperature %vol: 10 s for 90 % of 100 % step change at constant temperature Materials of Construction: Probe body: POM (polyoxymethylene) O-rings: Viton Membrane: 0.05 mm (2 mil) Teflon Dimensions and Weight: 58 mm diameter by 59 mm high (2-1/4 inch diameter by 2-1/4 inch high) 350 g (3/4 lb) including standard 3 m (10 ft) cable length Cable: 2-conductor, 0.75 square mm (16 gauge), standard length 3 m (10 ft); other lengths available upon request Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F) Pressure: Maximum 10 atmospheres (147 psig) Minimum Submersion Depth: 60 mm (2 . in) Minimum Water Flow: 2.5 cm/s (1 in/sec) across membrane Calibration: In air or in air saturated water. Use of EasyCal calibrator optional. Temperature Compensation: Automatic from 4 - 40 C (40 - 104 F) Probe Options: Type I Type II Range of dissolved 0-50 mg/l, 0-500 % Sat 0-15 mg/l, 0-150 % Sat oxygen Gaseous oxygen 0-100 %/vol 0-35 %/vol Electrode materials Ag cathode/Zn anode Ag cathode/Pb anode Probe electrolyte NaCl Na2CO3 CS510 OxyGuard Dissolved Oxygen Probe 3. Service Kit Spare membrane cap with fitted membrane. 50 ml electrolyte. Spare anode and O-ring. FIGURE 3-1. Exploded View of CS510-L 4. Optional Probe Accessories Agitator for stagnant conditions. Probe Mounting assembly for waste water installations. Flow-through and by-pass fittings. EasyCal calibrator for fast and accurate calibration. 5. Optional Agitator The PT4 Agitator is a reliable and robust agitator for use in conjunction with probes subjected to bio-fouling in ponds and stagnant water conditions. O2 probes require a minimum water velocity across their membranes to function properly. Therefore, to measure DO in stagnant water conditions, it is necessary to move the water past the membrane to get accurate and reliable DO measurements. In many instances the water also has a high bio-loading and the probes become fouled resulting in inaccurate DO measurements. CS510 OxyGuard Dissolved Oxygen Probe FIGURE 5-1. Preventing Bio-fouling of the CS510-L The PT4 Agitator overcomes these problems. The device is designed so that a soft bristle brush sweeps across the probe membrane or sensor tip. This swe...

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