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Инструкция по эксплуатации Intel, модель PHS6000

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It enables patients to: • Participate in their own care by monitoring their health status under the guidance of a healthcare professional • Communicate with healthcare professionals • Learn about their health and condition Intel' Health Guide PHS6000 Features The Intel' Health Guide PHS6000 engages and empowers patients to take a more active and positive role in their own care. Its features include: Interactive Patient Health Sessions The Intel® Health Guide PHS6000 allows each patient to participate in a health session personalised for his or her specific situation. These sessions are designed and scheduled by the patient's healthcare professional. During each session, the patient may measure their vital signs, respond to health assessment questions, receive educational information and motivational messages and complete surveys. Once the session is completed, the results are made available to authorised healthcare professionals who can use the latest recorded information to assess each patient's health status and to modify the patient's care plan accordingly. Multimedia Educational Library The Intel Health Guide PHS6000 provides a variety of multimedia content, including text, audio, and video. Healthcare professionals can include content as part of a patient's scheduled health session, and arrange for educational content to be played for a patient when a threshold is met or exceeded to take advantage of a "teachable moment." Patients can also access the content at anytime that is convenient for them, and organisations can add additional educational content to the patients' libraries. Two-way Video Calls The Intel Health Guide PHS6000 includes an integrated video camera, allowing healthcare professionals to arrange and conduct two-way video calls with their patients. This helps them strengthen their interaction with their patients by observing them performing specific tasks, or providing advice and encouragement. Validated Vital Sign Devices The Intel Health Guide PHS6000 may be connected to a variety of both wired and wireless vital sign monitoring devices to capture key health measurements. These devices have been tested and validated to ensure interoperability with the Intel Health Guide PHS6000. From blood pressure monitors and glucose meters to pulse oximeters, peak flow meters and weight scales, measurements can be obtained as part of a regular session scheduled by the clinician or on an ad-hoc basis. For a complete list of devices that have been tested for interoperability with the Intel Health Guide PHS6000, please contact your product representative. Schedules Each patient is provided a personal calendar and a contact list that they can edit. The calendar shows items created by the patient as well as items created by their healthcare professional. Items created by the patient on their calendar are not visible to their care manager. Audio and Visual Notifications and Reminders Patients are notified of scheduled sessions with an audible tone and with visual cues that include on-screen reminders and a flashing light. Historical Vital Sign Measurements Patients can review up to 30 days of reported historical vital sign measurements, such as blood pressure readings or weight, to stay current with their own progress. Secure Patient Data Storage The Intel Health Guide PHS6000 protects patient privacy by storing information in a highly encrypted format as well as by securing the data during transmission (via SSL) to the remote database. Localised User Interface Educational materials, reminders, questions, and units of measure used during a session are presented according to local usage and conventions, as appropriate. Healthcare professionals can arrange and conduct two-way video calls with patients. Patient-centered design, focused on the needs of the aging The design of the Intel® Health Guide PHS6000 is based on years of research to understand the needs of the aging population and how technology can support them in their daily lives. The research findings led Intel to include several key elements into the Intel Health Guide PHS6000: • Approachable, consumer-friendly design that fits into the home environment • Large touch-screen interactive display • Audio and video • Large and strategically placed buttons and graphics to help reduce errors • Icons, carefully limited in number and tested for usability • Calendar to aid with time management and to integrate the Intel Health Guide PHS6000 into the patient's personal schedule The result is a comprehensive personal health system that encourages patients to take an active role in managing their health from home. Intel' Health Guide PHS6GGG Technical Specs Communications RJ-45 connector for broadband network connectivity Peripherals Interface Wired: 4 USB 2.0 ports; Wireless: Bluetooth* v2.0, Class 1 Audio Input Integrated microphone Audio Output Integrated speaker and an optional 3.5mm stereo headset plug Video Captu...

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