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Инструкция по эксплуатации Graco Inc., модель Power Caulk C27098

Производитель: Graco Inc.
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. Do not stop or deflect leaks with your hand, body, glove or rag. . Tighten all connections before operating the equipment. . Check the hoses, tubes, and couplings daily. Replace worn, damaged, or loose parts immediately. Permanently coupled hoses cannot be repaired; replace the entire hose. . Use only Graco approved hoses. Do not remove any spring guard that is used to help protect the hose from rupture caused by kinks or bends near the couplings. FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD . If there is any static sparking or you feel an electric shock while using this equipment, stop dispensing immediately. Do not use the equipment until you identify and correct the problem. . Keep the dispensing area free of debris, including solvent, rags, and gasoline. . Electrically disconnect all equipment in the dispensing area. . Extinguish all open flames or pilot lights in the dispensing area. . Do not smoke in the dispensing area. . Do not turn on or off any light switch in the dispensing area while operating or if fumes are present. . Do not operate a gasoline engine in the dispensing area. TOXIC MATERIAL HAZARD Hazardous material or toxic fumes can cause serious injury or death if splashed in the eyes or on the skin, inhaled, or swallowed. . Know the specific hazards of the product you are using. . Store hazardous material in an approved container. Dispose of hazardous material according to all local, state and national guidelines. . Always wear protective eyewear, gloves, clothing and respirator as recommended by the material manufacturer. 309162 3 Installation General Information NOTE: Reference numbers and letters in parentheses in the text refer to the callouts in the figures and the parts drawing. NOTE: Always use Genuine Graco Parts and Accessories, available from your Graco distributor. If you supply your own accessories, be sure they are adequately sized and pressure-rated for your system. WARNING To reduce the risk of bodily injury and property damage, stop using the gun if the bayonet lock on the gun handle is worn or damaged and prevents the barrel from locking securely into position. Installation 1. Insert a cartridge in the barrel. To ensure a good seal, verify that the plunger end of the cartridge is not torn. See Removing the barrel and Installing the barrel elsewhere on this page. 2. Cut the cartridge nozzle tip to the desired opening size. Cut the tip squarely rather than at an angle. Puncture the inner seal of the cartridge. 3. Connect an air line to the 1/4” npt air hose fitting. use an adjustable regulator to provide maximum application control. 4. Adjust the air pressure to 10 to 15 psi (about 1 bar). Pull the trigger to start flow. Adjust air pressure to help control the flow rate. The flow rate can also be controlled through the trigger. When partially triggered, air bypasses the valve (leaking of air) and reduces the flow rate. When fully triggered, no air escapes. Do not use more air pressure than necessary to develop a good application rate and solid bead. 5. Practice applying a bead on scrap material. Hold the gun at a slight angle from the point of application to produce a smooth, flat-tooled bead. Too great an angle produces a round-tooled bead. 6. If the caulking compound continues to flow when the trigger is released, disconnect the air line. Remove the barrel (see Removing the barrel) and check the plunger in the cartridge. Air will bypass a stuck plunger. To free the plunger from the wall of the cartridge, push the plunger forward manually. CAUTION To extend the life of the bayonet lock, follow the barrel installation and removal procedures carefully. Removing the barrel To remove the barrel from the hand grip, push the barrel straight back and fully into the gun handle. Continue pushing the barrel back while rotating the gun barrel out of the bayonet lock and sliding it out of the gun handle. Installing the barrel Place the barrel in the handle grip by pushing the barrel straight back and fully into the gun handle. Continue pushing the barrel back while rotating the barrel into the bayonet lock, which locks the barrel into the gun handle. Repair A spring/seal repair kit, P/N C27100, and a replacement hose assembly, P/NC27106 are available. No other parts are sold separately. See the Parts drawing on page . 4 309162 Parts Model C27098 210 30 150 170 70 170 140 60 190 240 40 160 20 200 50 80 10 110 180 90 230 100 240 80 220 120 130 Ref Ref No. Description Qty No. Description Qty 10 GRIP 1 140 BOLT, swivel 1 20 BARREL 1 150 FITTING, banjo 1 *30 SPRING, seaL 1 160 PIN, spring 1 40 SPRING, trigger 1 170 O–RING 2 50 SPRING, poppet 1 180 O–RING 2 *60 RETAINER, spring 1 *190 SCREW, #10–32 x 1 in. round head 1 *70 SEAL 1 200 LABEL, barrel 1 80 POPPET 2 210 LABEL 1 90 TRIGGER 1 220 FITTING, barb 1 100 SEAT 1 230 HOSE, air, 10 ft (3m) 1 110 PLUNGER 1 240 O–CLAMP 2 120 STEM 1 130 RETAINER 1 *Supplied in seal repair kit C27100 Technical Data Max. Working Gun Model Size Cartridge Pressure Construction Air ...

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