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Инструкция по эксплуатации Niles Audio, модель WS100R

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Installed in a remote room location, the WS100R receives the IR commands transmitted from your existing hand-held remotes in that room. The commands are carried via a category 5 cable to your A/V equipment in another room, and instantly “repeated”. The WS100R is compatible with all current Niles infrared systems. It may be used along with, or as an alternative to, the Niles TS100, MS100, MS200, MVC100IR and CS100 sensors or the IntelliPad®. The WS100R is just one part of the three building blocks necessary to complete a Niles IR repeating system: • IR Main System Unit—Models MSU140, MSU250, MSU480 and MSU440Z. • IR Sensors/Keypads—Models WS100, TS100, MS100, MS200, CS100, MVC100IR and the IntelliPad®. • IR Flashers—Models MF1, MF2, MF1FV, MF2FV and the IRB1. An IR sensor expansion hub, Model IRH610, is available to provide additional sensor inputs to your system. WALL-MOUNT INFRARED SENSOR Features and Benefits The WS100R offers a number of improvements over other wall-mount IR sensors. • Plasma-proof performance— allows placement of the WS100R near plasma displays. • CFL interference resistant— expands installation flexibility to areas with fluorescent lighting. •Works under most lighting conditions, including indirect sunlight— eliminates environmental restrictions. • Universal system— compatible with virtually all brands of A/V equipment and remote controls. • Excellent IR receiving range— you get 18' to 30' of remote control range (depending upon the strength of your handheld remote). • 100% factory tested for pickup range and angle. • Small size of only 2-3/4" wide by 4-1/2" high by 1-1/4"— fits in a one-gang box. • Printed circuit board design uses surface mount technology (SMT), assuring high reliability. • Ideal for both home and commercial installations. • Removable Decora-style snap-in color insert. (Available in four colors). •Two year parts and labor warranty. 2 WALL-MOUNT INFRARED SENSOR Installation Considerations The WS100R is a Decora-style module and is designed to use standard Decora-style cover plates and mounting hardware. Decora cover plates (up to 6-gang) with color-matched plate screws are available from your Niles dealer. Type of Cable The WS100R connects to the Niles infrared main systems unit or IRH610 sensor expansion hub with an individual home run of category 5 cable. When running wires inside walls, most states and municipalities in the U.S. specify that you must use a special type of wire. Usually, the requirement is that the wire has a specific “CL” fire rating, such as “CL-2” or “CL-3”. Consult your Niles dealer, building contractor, or local building and inspection department if unsure about which type of wire is best for your application. WS100R Mounting Location Locating the WS100R in the center of a room usually results in the most even IR receiving coverage, especially if the room is square shaped. Rooms that are L-shaped or long and narrow require more careful consideration. With these types of rooms, installing the WS100R closest to the primary location of the user will ensure the best performance. Receiving Range and Pickup Angle The receiving range of the WS100R will vary according to the IR output strength of the remote control being used. Remote strength varies among brands depending on the number and size of batteries used, and how many IR emitters the remote has. For example, remotes that operate on two small AAA batteries and have only one IR emitter are generally not 3 WALL-MOUNT INFRARED SENSOR as strong as remotes that use the larger AA size batteries and have two emitters. Tests with various manufacturers’ remote controls have shown that the operating range can vary from a minimum of 18' to a maximum of about 30'. Infrared signals travel essentially line-of-sight. They will not pass through or around solid objects. Do not rely on an IR signal being able to “bounce” off a wall or object to the WS100R. The IR pickup angle of the WS100R is 30° off-axis (horizontal and vertical) at 18'. Junction Boxes The mounting depth of the WS100R is 1-1/4". When installed, the unit extends 3/4" behind the sheetrock wall (assuming 1/2" sheetrock). Suitable electrical boxes are available from your Niles dealer or local electrical supply company. DO NOT INSTALL THE WS100R INTO ELECTRICAL BOXES WITH 110 VOLT DEVICES. Some states or municipalities allow devices such as the WS100R to be installed into the same electrical box as 110 volt devices, provided a “low-voltage partition” is used between the devices. We do not recommend this. The cable connected to the WS100R can act as an “antenna” for electrical noise. Locating the WS100R cable too close to a light dimmer or switch may interfere with the WS100R. If you must locate the WS100R near electrical devices, install it in a separate metal electrical box, ground the box to the electrical system ground, and route the WS100R cable several feet away from all electrical wiring. TOOLS REQUIRED • 1/8" Standard Slotted Screwdriver • 1/4...

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