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Инструкция по эксплуатации Braun, модель WK 210

Производитель: Braun
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Фото и характеристики  Braun  WK 210
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The cord length may be reduced by winding it up with the cord storage facility. Keep the appliance out of reach of children. • The base, the kettle or the cord must never get in contact with hot surfaces (e. g. stove plates). • In case the empty kettle is switched on accidentally, the overheating protection will cut it off automatically. In this case, allow the kettle 10 minutes to cool down before filling it with water. • Caution: Do not overfill the kettle! Water could boil over and cause scalding. • Do not open the lid while water is boiling. • During operation, the kettle will get hot. Therefore only use the handle to carry it. Always hold the kettle in an upright position, to avoid boiling water come out. • Check the cord regularly for possible damage. • If the appliance shows any defect, stop using it and take it to a Braun Service Centre for repair. Faulty or unqualified repair work may cause accidents or injury to the user. • Braun electric appliances meet applicable safety standards. Model WK 300 only: • Make sure not to operate too many other electric appliances when using the kettle. • Socket fuse at least: 16 A Description a Scale filter (removable) b Lid c Lid release button d On/off switch e Water level indicator f Pilot light g Base with cord storage Before first use Before first use, fill two cups of water into the kettle, add one cup of household vinegar (5 % acid) and bring it to a boil. Then boil the kettle twice with the maximum quantity of clear water. Setting into operation 1a Fill the kettle through the spout with the lid closed, or: 1b Press the lid release button (c), open the lid, fill with water and close the lid again (the kettle will not work with the lid open). 2 Place the kettle on the dry base and plug in the base. 3 Press the on/off switch (d), the pilot light will come on (do not open the lid when the kettle is switched on). 4 When the water has boiled, the kettle automatically switches off. You may also stop the heating procedure at any time by pressing the on/off switch (d). Automatic cut-off feature The kettle switches off when... - the water has boiled, - it contains no water (in case of accidental switching on), - the lid is opened, - it is taken off the base. If the scale filter is not installed, the automatic cut-off will be delayed. Cleaning Before cleaning, unplug the base. Kettle or base must never be immersed in water. Clean the outside of the kettle with a damp cloth, the inner part can be cleaned by means of a brush. The removable scale filter is dishwasher-proof. Descaling • In order to extend the lifetime of the kettle, it should be descaled regularly. • Boil 0.8 l water in the kettle. • When boiled, add 0.4 l household vinegar (5 % acid). Leave the solution in the kettle overnight. • Empty the kettle and rinse the inside thoroughly with fresh water. Fill the kettle with fresh water and boil it. • Empty the kettle and rinse it again with fresh water. • If the kettle still contains scale, repeat this procedure. • To remove any scale from the scale filter, you may soak it in diluted vinegar. Subject to change without notice. This product conforms to the European Directives EMC 2004/108/EC vt and Low Voltage 2006/95/EC. Max. capacity: 1.6 l water £s>oi Mafê Я7|^ЗХЦ ^А|Л1 ЭАЩЧСК еЧВН| C|Xfê!4^?7|B 7|fe0| £И|ЯЩ*°| %щмп нв|7|ш атцц. AfS s л^дл-щ ЭД un S-J°iJA|2. itJiaSWO) S№0||ES:¡I5|A|7| üUfL-IP. ÇÂARf S2J0I U|E|0|| °№10| atfe S2m SJxIsfe x| SWJéfOl ^A|7| а\ЩЦЦ. £ ^Sxfe IM *1130 B№l4l(g)oflA)H 5fSSÍ аимч. WK200 1№!4I : 3217 /S10 E|°| WK300 Bfsm : 3219 / S20 E|°| • S 4ISS 7...

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