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Инструкция по эксплуатации Black & Decker, модель Water Kettle

Производитель: Black & Decker
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• Do not touch the device with wet hands, while standing on wet ground or when the device itself is wet. • Never touch the power plug with wet hands. • Check the power cord and power plug regularly for possible damage. In case of damage to the power cord or the power plug, contact the manufacturer or a qualified expert for their replacement in the order to avoid any risk. • Do not operate the device if the power cord or power plug becomes damaged, if the device was dropped or if the device is otherwise damaged. In such cases take the device to the manufacturer or to a qualified expert in order to check and repair it as required. • Under no circumstances try to fix the device by yourself. Attention: danger of electric shock! • Take care not to rub the power cord on sharp edges and keep it away from hot objects and open fire. Only remove the power plug to switch off the device. • Supplementary protection may be achieved by the installation of a residual-current-operated protective device with a conventional tripping current of not more than 30 mA. Ask your electric expert for advice. 3 4 GB GBGB • Lay out the power extension cord across possible. • When using an extension cord you must ensure that it is specified handle the corresponding power consumption in order avoid overheating of the power • The device is not suitable commercial use. • Do not leave the device unattended while it is in operation. • Children and mentally handicapped people do not recognize of using an electric device in an improper way. Therefore children and mentally handicapped people must not use electric devices. • Turn the device off before removing the power plug. • Attention! The device conducts electricity as long as it is connected to the mains supply. • Never carry the device by its power cord. • Remove the power plug if the device is to be cleaned or will not be used for a longer term. SPECIAL SAFETY REFERENCES • Only use the water kettle together with the delivered power base. Do not use the power base for any other purpose. • Never fill the water kettle with water while the device is attached to the power base. Therefore always remove the water kettle from the power base. • Do not exceed nor fall below the water level indicator MIN/MAX. • Only use cold water when filling the water kettle. • Do not use the water kettle to heat any liquids except water. • Attention: Danger of Burns! During use the water kettle gets very hot and hot steam escapes through the spout. Therefore only touch the water kettle by its handle. • Only use the water kettle when the cover is completely closed. • Turn the water kettle off before removing it from the power base. • Only use the device on a flat surface. BEFORE FIRST USE • Remove all packaging materials and keep the original packaging. • In order to remove possible residues, fill the device at least twice consecutively with clean water and let it boil (see operation). • Clean the device afterwards as described in Cleaning and care. OPERATION • Remove the water kettle from the power base (3) . • Move back the unlocking device of the cover and open the cover (4) . • Fill with the desired quantity of water. Mind the water level indicator MIN/MAX (2) . Do not exceed or fall below the water level indicator MIN/MAX. • Lock the cover until it snaps into place. • Place the water kettle on the power base. • Connect the power plug (8) using a suitable socket. • Switch down the on-/off switch (7) . The operating mode display (5) lights up when the device is turned on. • As soon as the water is boiling the device will automatically turn off and the operating light will extinguish. • Remove the water kettle from the power base and pour the water out through the spout. Do not open the cover and only hold the device by its handle (6) . The filter (1) prevents lime residues from being poured out with the water. • In order to stop the heating process at any time, switch up the on-/off switch. GB GBGB CLEANING AND CARE • Pay careful attention to the safety references. • Always remove the power cleaning the power • Let the water kettle cool down completely before cleaning it. • Clean the kettle with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent. • Under no circumstances use scrubbing utensils or sharp objects for the cleaning. • The filter may be removed from the device for the cleaning by moving it upwards. Flush the filter under running water and return it to the device taking care that it is replaced • Decalcify the device regularly. Use a commercially available decalcification detergent. You also can also use vinegar instead of a decalcification detergent. Use one third (1/3) vinegar and two thirds (2/3) water. • Leave the mixture in the water kettle overnight in order for it to take effect and pour it out the next morning. Do not pour decalcification detergent into an enamel basin. • Refill the kettle with fresh clean water and let it boil again. • Pour out the water in order to clear any residues of decalcification de...

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