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Инструкция по эксплуатации Equipex, модель PSE-600

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The Griddles are versatile in application and easy to operate. The heating elements are thermostatically controlled up to 570 F. Model PSE-600 has two independently controlled heating zones. The units come equipped with one (Model PSE-400) or two (Model PSE-600) ON/OFF switches, one (Model PSE-400) or two (Model PSE-600) sets of red and green indicator lights and a removable full-length front drip tray. Specifications Model Electrical Plug Configuration PSE-400/1 - 120V, 1PH, 1.75KW, 15A NEMA-5-15P PSE-400 - 208/240V, 1PH, 2KW, 9/10A NEMA-6-15P PSE-600/1 - 120V, 1PH, 1.75KW, 15A NEMA-5-15P PSE-600 - 208/240V, 1PH, 3.5KW, 15/17A NEMA-6-20P INSTALLATION The SODIR Griddles need to be connected to a grounded outlet of proper voltage (208/240V or 120V) depending on the model. Make sure that the side ventilation panels are not blocked. Maintain at least 4” clearance at each side. OPERATION Initial Set-up The griddle is shipped with an application of machine oil on the cast iron plate. This oil will need to be removed prior to the seasoning process. Before operating your SODIR griddle, we recommend that you season the surface of the grill plate with cooking oil or shortening. For seasoning, wipe cooking oil or shortening onto the grill plate using a clean, lint-free cloth, or coat the plate with cooking oil spray. Turn the griddle on with ON/OFF switch(s) and set the thermostat(s) at 300-400 F. When the temperature is reached (the red indicator light goes out), allow the griddle to season for 10-15 minutes and then let the griddle cool. Some smoke may appear during this process. Wipe off excess oil using a clean, lint-free cloth. Repeat seasoning process at least one more time. Now, your griddle is ready for use. Preheating After the griddle has been properly seasoned, turn the griddle on using the ON/OFF switch(s) (the green light(s) will be lit) and turn the temperature control knob(s) to the desired temperature. The red light(s) will go on and stay on until the desired temperature is reached. The red light(s) will then go out. The preheat time will vary depending on the cooking temperature settings and the electrical specifications of your model. It will take approximately 12-18 minutes for the griddle to reach cooking temperature. Cooking SODIR Panini grills can be used for a wide variety of foods. Following are some suggested guidelines for foods frequently cooked on this grill. Cooking time will vary depending on the food products, temperature setting and desired results. ESTIMATED GRILLING CAPACITY (per hour, for preheated griddle) Model Burgers Pancakes Steaks Eggs PSE-400 210 170 75 285 PSE-600 320 240 115 435 Capacities may vary with actual sizes and brands of products CLEANING WARNING: Disconnect (unplug) electrical power supply before cleaning Allow the griddle to cool before cleaning. Using a scraper or a stiff wire brush, scrape the debris from the grill plate. To clean the griddle, scrape or brush toward you and use the removable drip tra...

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