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Инструкция по эксплуатации Epson, модель T007201

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Hazard Identification 3.1 Emergency Overview: Ink component is a light black liquid that may cause irritation. Avoid contact with eyes or clothing. In the case of skin contact, wash with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children. 3.2 Potential Health Effects: Eyes: Ink contact with eye may be mildly irritating. See Section 11 for Toxicology. Skin: Ink contact with skin may cause irritation, swelling, or redness. It is not expected to cause an allergic skin reaction. See Section 11 for Toxicology. Inhalation: Intentional exposure to ink vapors may cause respiratory irritation. See Section 11 for Toxicology. Ingestion: May cause upset stomach. See Section 11 for Toxicology. PIS # T007201 Version 3.54 (USA) Page 1 of 4 Release Date 09/2010 EPSON 4. First Aid Measures 4.1 Eyes: Immediately flush with room temperature, low pressure, clean water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if eye irritation continues. 4.2 Skin: Wash surface areas with soap and water. Wash soiled clothing before rewearing. Seek medical attention if irritation continues. 4.3 Inhalation: Remove subject to ventilated fresh air. Consult physician if necessary. 4.4 Ingestion: Seek medical attention if stomach continues to be upset. 5. Fire Fighting Measures 5.1 Flammability: Flash point is greater than 230 deg. F / 110 deg. C (closed cup in accordance with ASTM D3278) 5.2 Extinguishing Media: Dry chemical or carbon dioxide 5.3 Fire Fighting Instructions: No special fire fighting procedures are required other than breathing apparatus. No special explosion hazards are known. 6. Accidental Release Measures If a spill occurs, use sponges to wipe-up ink, then rinse area with damp cloth. Place waste in closed container for disposal. Use proper ventilation. Do not dispose of waste to the sewer. No eye or skin protection required during clean-up. Wash hands with soap and water. 7. Precautions for Safe Handling and Use Keep out of reach of children and do not drink ink. Do not store the cartridge in high or freezing temperatures. Keep cartridge out of direct sunlight. Do not dismantle cartridge. Do not store cartridges with oxidizing agents or explosives. Make sure cartridge is dry before insertion into printer housing. 8. Exposure Controls and Personal Protection 8.1 Engineering Controls: None required 8.2 Exposure Controls: None required 8.3 Personal Protection: None required when cartridges are used as intended 9. Physical and Chemical Properties of Ink Formulation Appearance: Odor: pH: Boiling point: Freezing point: Melting point: Flash point: Autoflammability: Explosive properties: Black Liquid None About 9 Approximately 212 deg. F / 100 deg. C Less than 32 deg. F / 0 deg. C Less than 32 deg. F / 0 deg. C Greater than 230 deg. F / 110 deg. C (closed cup, ASTM D3278) None None PIS # T007201 Version 3.54 (USA) Page 2 of 4 Release Date 09/2010 EPSON Oxidizing properties: None Vapor density: Greater than 1 (air = 1) Relative density: 1.07 at 68 deg. F / 20 deg.C Solubility in water: Complete Solubility in fat: No data available Partition coefficient: No data available Viscosity: Less than 5 mPa-s 10. Stability and Reactivity Stability: Stable Hazardous polymerization: Will not occur Hazardous decomposition products: None Incompatible materials: Oxidizers and explosives 11. Toxicology and Health Hazards Routes Of Overexposure: Eye, skin, inhalation, and oral Acute Health Hazards: • Overexposure of eye surface to ink may be mildly irritating • Overexposure of skin to ink contact may cause irritation and in some people swelling and redness • Intentional inhalation overexposure to ink vapors may result in respiratory tract irritation • Intentional or accidental oral ingestion may cause an upset stomach Chronic Health Hazards: None known Carcinogenicity: None known Toxicity Data: Oral LD50 Dermal LD50 Inhalant LC50 OSHA Regulated? > 5000mg/kg(Rats) Not Available Not Applicable Not Established 12. Ecological Information No data available on the adverse effects of this material on the environment 13. Disposal Considerations Used and unused cartridges are not a federal RCRA hazardous waste. Disposal should be in accordance with federal, state, and local requirements. 14. Transportation Information Not regulated as a Hazardous Material by DOT, IMO, or IATA 15. Regulatory Considerations U.S. DOT Hazard Class Regulated? NO U.S. OSHA Inhalation Hazard? NO In U.S., NFPA/HMIS Hazard Rating: Health (1), Flammability (1), Instability/Reactivity (0), Other (0) PIS # T007201 Version 3.54 (USA) Page 3 of 4 Release Date 09/2010 EPSON 16. Other Information This PIS adheres to U.S. regulatory requirements and standards and may not meet the regulatory requirements in other locations. This is a revised Product Information Sheet which replaces all prior U.S. PIS for this product. This “Product Information Sheet” contains health, safety, and environmental information. It does not replace any precautionary language or use and disposal information which accompanie...

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