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The bright, glossy finish gives excellent contrast and produces sharp, photo quality images from digital cameras, CD’s, scanners, the Internet and more. PRODUCT HANDLING AND STORAGE Always handle photo paper carefully. To avoid getting fingerprints on the printable surface, always handle the paper by the edges. • Keep paper away from moisture and high humidity. • To extend the life of your prints, do not expose printed or unprinted paper to bright lights or direct sunlight for long periods of time as ultra-violet rays have damaging effects on any photo paper. Step 1: Capture your image • Use a digital camera, sc Manipulate your image e images using any software program that handles graphics. You may need to adjus You can enhanc color, brightness and size to achieve optimal result Print your image • Select “Print” and “Name” of printer being used • Select “Properties” • • Printer Settings CA Printe Cartridge Color Mode/G Pape Print Q 200 tandard uper Pho hoto Paper Pro Dr 8 S S S Def P Pl Advanced Tab - Print Quality: S300, S330 S400, S450 S520, Standa anda Defaul oto Plain Paper ossy Photo Paper Defaul stom dvanced>Diffusion, Image & S500, St Ph Gl Cu A Photo Optimizer, Whole page S600, S630, Pi oto gh ossy Photo gh iP6000D Ph Hi Gl Hi Effects>Auto, Image & Photo Optimizer S800 S Standard oto Photo stom Plain Paper Paper Custom stom Manual>Intensity +10, Brightness>Light S900, Ph Cu Plain Cu Advanced>Fine, Diffusion, Color djustment>Intensity +10, Effects>Image A c-85 tandard uper Pho lossy Photo Paper ustom & Photo Optimizer, Apply Whole Page timi bj S S G C Advanced>Fine, Image & Photo Op I900D Standard High Photo Paper Plus Glo High Apply Whole Page, Effects> +10 Intensity I320, S Standard Custom Glossy Photo Paper Custom Intensity+10, Effects>Image & Photo Optimizer Pro, Apply Whole Page tensity+10,Brightness-Normal, Effects>Image I450, i Standard Auto Glossy Photo P Custom In I550 Standard Custom aper Photo Paper Plus Glossy Custom & I I850 Standard Photo Photo Paper Plus Glos Custom Image & Photo Optimizer tandard Plai Custom I960 Standa High er Plus Stan 730 Photo Paper Pro Paper Type Custom Level 1, Check Diffusion int Quality Advanced (Customize) (Other) sy Best Default Printer Mode Paper Type Mode C60 Matte Paper – Heavy Wt. Advanced> Photo-1440 dpi, H C62 Premium Glo Best Photo, Advanced> High Speed Off C64, C DURABrite Glossy Ph Best Photo, Advanced>High Speed-Off, Turn Off PhotoEnhanced C80 Premium Glossy Photo Paper Advanced> Photo-1440 dpi C82 Plain Paper Best Photo, Advanced> High Speed Off R200 Glossy Photo Paper Best Photo, Advanced>High Speed-Off, Turn Off PhotoEnhanced R800 Premium Glossy Photo Pape sy Photo Pape Best Photo, Advanced>High Speed-Off, Turn Off PhotoEnhanced 780, 78 Premium Glos Best Photo, Advanced> High Speed Off, Turn Off PhotoEnhanced4 820 Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper Best Photo, Advanced> High Speed-Off, Turn Off PhotoEnh 825 Photo Quality Best Photo, Advanced> High Speed-Off, Turn Off PhotoEnhanc nced> Color C ration -2 Ad 2100, 2200 Plain Paper ced4 H Printe PACKAR 100, 130, 14 HP Photo Papers Best 660 Series, 690 Series Glossy Paper Best 720 Series Deluxe Photo Paper Best 850 Series Premium Ink Jet Paper Best 870, 880, 890, 895, 2000 Premium Photo Paper Best 920c, 1315, 7260, psd2175, Psc241 Other Photo P Best 930c, 932c, 970c, 1100c, 12 HP Premium Plus Photo Pa Best 940c, 950c, 960c, 9 HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, Glossy Best Psc1210, 3320, 3420, 3425, 4110 1215, 1218, 131 HP Premium Photo Paper Best 3820, 611 HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, Glossy Best 5550, 5650, 715 9300, psc2110 HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, Glossy Best Plus Photo P ormal 7660, 7760, 7960 HP Premium Plus ossy Best HP Pre LE Printer Model Paper Ty Glossy Advan s 5700, 5770, Z51 Standa Glossy/Photo P High 1 Default P707, Color Photo/Glossy Best Default X75, Z23, Z2 Color Photo/Glossy Best Default X1150, X515 Color Photo/Glossy Best Default Z22 Color/Photo Glossy/Photo P High 1 Default Z52, Z53 Color Glossy/Photo Paper Maximum 2400 dpi Default Z705 Color/Photo Photo/Glossy Best Default -f visit our website for the most up-to-date settings: • Test Print – We suggest first printing the image on a plain piece of paper to ensure desired size and location of image. Note: Image quality will not be as good when printed on plain paper. w , we r Top Loading Printer Front Loading Printer • Let shee frame or album. • For additional e is to be printed on g lossy o eet fee ingle sh ...

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