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Инструкция по эксплуатации Lexmark, модель NO. 33

Производитель: Lexmark
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Place the included blunt needle by screwing it down the tank's opening. Hold the base of the syringe with thumb and forefinger and twist the injecting devise onto it, counter clockwise. First remove the label from the upper side of the cartridge und bore refilling holes. To do so, use the supplied tool to enlarge the 3 existing openings. r m ■ V, w Now insert the syringe inclined into each opening. Slowly and carefully squeeze the ink into each ink chamber, until just under the openings. If some ink emerged from the nozzles, simply draw up a small quantity of ink from the chamber into the syringe. To make sure that you inject the right colour into the correspondent colour chamber while refilling, start to identify each colour chamber, inserting a toothpick through the openings. Replace the label afterwards. Finally clean the area around the nozzles with a tissue, until these are clearly visible. You may now insert the refilled cartridge into the printer. Additional information: If your printer is using more than 3 colours, you are required to mix photo ink for every colour. The proportions are as follow: 3/4 of the syringe filled with the Photo & Cleaning Fluid provided in our refill set, and 1/4 with the required colour of ink. Finally mix the solutions by shaking vigorously and proceed to fill the mixture into the respective ink chambers. You can moreover use an empty syringe without needle to press air from above into the openings and by doing so produce a slight over pressure within the ink chambers. By doing so, ink will flow out of the nozzles and has to be dabbed away immediately with a tissue. This trick allows pressing sealed air bubbles out of the nozzle chamber. Should the cartridge print in streaks, please start a cleaning cycle with your printer software. If the problem remains, dab the nozzles with a dampened cloth or leave them to settle in warm water for few minutes. You are facing difficulties refilling your ink cartridges or require more information about the refilling procedure? Please feel free to contact us. The address is as follow: ink.co.uk • Customer Care Department • PO Box 987 - Canterbury • CT1 9EF • info@ink.co.uk Logos, brand names and product descriptions are the property of their respective manufacturers and are used for reference purposes only. Errors and omissions excepted....

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