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Инструкция по эксплуатации Citizen, модель SRP-F312

Производитель: Citizen
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1.00 - 12 - SRP-F310/312 1-5-5 Be sure to note the correct direction that the paper comes off the roll. O x 1-5-6 Pull out a small amount of paper, as shown. Then close the cover. * NOTE When closing the cover, press the center of printer cover firmly to prevent paper miss-loading. 1-5-7 Tear off the paper as shown. Rev. 1.00 - 13 - SRP-F310/312 1-6 Adjustments and Settings The SRP-F310 is set up at the factory to be appropriate for almost all users. It does, however, offer some settings for users with special requirements. It has DIP switches that allow you to change communication settings, such as handshaking and parity check, as well as print density. The SRP-F310 also has a near-end sensor for the paper. This can give you a warning when the paper is almost out. If you find that there is not enough paper remaining on the roll when the near-end sensor is triggered, you can change the near-end sensor setting. Rotate the near end sensor tab at front or rear position. (See the below figure) 1-7 Using the Printer Control Panel POWER ERROR PAPER O POWER The POWER light is on whenever the printer is on. O ERROR This indicates an error. O PAPER This light indicates the near end of the paper roll. Install a new paper roll and the printer will continue printing. When the light blinks, it indicates the self-test printing standby state or macro execution Standby state when the macro execution command is used. O FEED Press the FEED button once to advance paper one line. You can also hold down the FEED button to feed paper continuously. Rev. 1.00 - 14 - SRP-F310/312 1-8 Connecting the computer You need an appropriate interface cable. 1-8-1 Plug the cable connector securely into the printer’s interface connector. 1-8-2 Tighten the screws on both sides of the cable connector. 1-8-3 Attach the other end of the cable to the computer. 1-9 Connecting the Power Supply * CAUTIONS When connecting or disconnecting the power supply from the printer, make sure that the power supply is not plugged into an electrical outlet. Otherwise you may damage the power supply or the printer. If the power supply’s rated voltage and your outlet’s voltage do not match, contact your dealer for assistance. Do not plug in the power cord. Otherwise, you may damage the power supply or the printer. 1-9-1 Make sure that the printer’s power switch is turned off, and the power supply’s power cord is unplugged from the electrical outlet. 1-9-2 Check the label on the power supply to make sure that the voltage required by the power supply matches that of your electrical outlet. 1-9-3 Plug in the power supply’s cable as shown below. Notice that the flat side of the plug faces down. * NOTE To remove the DC cable connector, make sure that the power supply’s power cord is unplugged; then grasp the connector at the arrow and pull it straight out. Rev. 1.00 - 15 - SRP-F310/312 2. Self Test The self-test checks whether the printer has any problems. If the printer does not function properly, contact your dealer. The self-test checks the following; 2-1 Make sure paper roll has been installed properly. 2-2 Turn on the power while holding down the FEED button with beep. The self-test begins. 2-3 The self-test prints the current printer status, which provides the control ROM version and the DIP switch setting. 2-4 After printing the current printer status, self-test printing will print the following, and pause (The PAPER LED light blinks). SELF-TEST PRINTING. PLEASE PRESS THE FEED BUTTON. 2-5 Press the FEED button to continue printing. The printer prints a pattern using the built-in character set. 2-6 The self-test automatically ends and cuts the paper after printing the following. *** COMPLETED *** 2-7 The printer is ready to receive data as soon as it completes the self-test. Rev. 1.00 - 16 - SRP-F310/312 3. Hexadecimal Dumping This feature allows experienced users to see exactly what data is coming to the printer. This can be useful in finding software problems. When you turn on the hexadecimal dump function, the printer prints all commands and data in hexadecimal format along with a guide section to help you find specific commands. To use the hexadecimal dump function, follow these steps. 3-1 After you make sure that the printer is off, open the cover. 3-2 Turn on the printer, while holding down the FEED button with beep. 3-3 Close the cover, then the printer enters the hexadecimal dump mode. 3-4 Run any software program that sends data to the printer. The printer will print all the codes it receives in a two-column format. The first column contains the hexadecimal codes and the second column gives the ASCII characters that corresponds to the codes. 1B 21 00 1B 26 02 4 o 40 4 o 4 o ! . . & . . @ @ @ @ 02 0D 1B 44 A 0 14 1E 28 2 00 2 00 . . D ( ( ( o o 01 < o 41 Q o 42 < o 43 43 00 . . A . B . C C C A period (.) is printed for each code that has no ASCII equivalent. During the hex dump, a...

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