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Инструкция по эксплуатации BRK electronic, модель ULCS-530

Производитель: BRK electronic
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See diagram for connections. Note: If wiring the relay remote from the alarm, use a maximum of 1000 feet [300 meters] of #18AWG or larger wire rated at least 300V. ALARM CONNECTION RELAY BLACK WIRE (HOT) BLACK WIRE WHITE WIRE (NEUTRAL) WHITE WIRE ORANGE WIRE (INTERCONNECT) ORANGE WIRE Now connect the accessory to be activated by the relay to the relay's switch contact wires as listed below. (Use wiring appropriate to the auxiliary device being controlled.) NOTE: Since voltage is present on all relay contact wires at some time during operation, the installer must properly insulate any unused relay contact wire. BROWN WIRE: HOT CONTACT TO AUXILIARY DEVICE GRAY WIRE: NORMALLY CLOSED CONTACT BLUE WIRE: NORMALLY OPEN CONTACT SHIPPING SPECS Individual Bag Dim. (Approx.) 6.25"L x 1.50"W x 5.00"H Weight Cube UPC 0.16 lbs. 0.03 ft3 0 29054 00057 6 Master Carton Dimensions 10.25"L x 4.75"W x 6.38"H Master Pack 12 Weight 2.1 lbs. Cube: 0.19 ft3 I2of5: 100 29054 00057 3 Pallet Information Cases per Layer 35 Number of Layers: 6 Cases per Pallet: 210 Units per Pallet: 2,520 Cube: 54.7 ft3 Weight: 695 lbs. CONTACT RATINGS (MAXIMUM): VOLTAGE RESISTIVE MOTOR 120V AC 15 AMP 1/3 H.P. 30V DC 15 AMP After installation, test the interaction of the auxiliary device with the alarm by pressing the alarm test button. THE PROFESSIONAL STANDARD brkelectronics.com ©2009 BRK Brands, Inc. a Jarden Corporation Company (NYSE: JAH) 3901 Liberty Street Road Aurora, IL 60504-8122 All rights reserved First Alert is a registered trademark of the First Alert Trust BRK is a registered trademark of BRK Brands, Inc. CM2946...

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