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Инструкция по эксплуатации Cuisine-Cookware, модель ZBD6800

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The detergent cup has indicator lines to help you. Use the right amount of detergent. As a guide: For Soft water (water hardness <4 Grains Per Gallon, GPG), fill cup to the first line. For Medium water (4–8 GPG), fill cup to the second line. For Medium hard water (8–12 GPG), fill cup. For Extremely hard water (>12 GPG), fill both cups. To fill the dispenser, if the dispenser is closed, open the cover by depressing the cover latch. Add detergent to the Main Wash section, as per guidelines. Fill the Pre-wash section if water is extremely hard. Then close the dispenser cover. It is normal for the cover to open partially when dispensing detergent. Do not use hand dish detergent. NOTE: Using a detergent that is not specifically designed for dishwashers will cause the dishwasher to fill with suds. During operation, these suds will spill out of the dishwasher vents, covering the kitchen floor and making the floor wet. Because so many detergent containers look alike, store the dishwasher detergent in a separate space from all other cleaners. Show anyone who may use the dishwasher the correct detergent and where it is stored. While there will be no lasting damage to the dishwasher, your dishes will not get clean using a dishwashing detergent that is not formulated to work with dishwashers. Drying Fan (on some models) Top Control Panel models are equipped with a drying fan to assist in drying dishes by pulling air through the tub after the wash cycle. If the Heated Dry option is selected, then the drying fan will run during the drying portion of the cycle and up to 2 hours after the CLEAN light is on, depending on the selected wash cycle. If the Heated Dry option is not used, then the CLEAN light will come on at the end of the final rinse and the fan will run up to 4 hours, depending on the selected wash cycle. If the Rinse Only wash cycle is selected, the Heated Dry option is automatically turned off and the drying fan will run for 4 hours. If the drying fan is running and the CLEAN light is on, the drying fan can be turned off by opening the door and pressing any key on the keypad. 10 Detergents Pre-wash section Cover Cover latch Main wash section Using the dishwasher Dishwasher Dish Preparation Prior to Loading • No prerinsing of normal food soil is required. • Scrape off hard soils, including bones, toothpicks, skins and seeds. • Remove large quantities of any remaining food. • Remove leafy vegetables, meat trimmings and excessive amounts of grease or oil. • Remove acidic food soils that can discolor stainless steel. Forget to Add a Dish? A forgotten dish can be added any time before the main wash. 1. Open the door slightly. 2. Wait until the water spray action stops. Steam may rise out of the dishwasher. 3. Add forgotten dishes. 4. Close the door. MAIN WASH PRE WASH Extremely hard Soft Medium hard Medium Loading the Racks Dishwasher Upper Rack Features and appearance of racks and silverware basket may vary from your model. Although the upper rack is for glasses, cups and saucers, pots and pans can be placed in this rack for effective cleaning. Cups and glasses fit best along the sides and should be placed open-end down. This is also a secure place for dishwasher plastics. The utility shelf (on some models) may be placed in the up or down position to add flexibility. A wine glass holder (on some models) secures wine glasses for best washability. Because wine glasses come in various sizes, after loading, slowly push in the rack to make sure they will clear the top of the dishwasher. The upper rack is good for all kinds of odd-shaped utensils. Saucepans, mixing bowls and other items should be placed face down. Fold-down tines (on some models) provide flexibility for extra-large and hard-to-fit items. Secure larger dishwasher-safe plastics over 2 tines when possible. Make sure small plastic items are secure so they can’t fall onto the heater. Be sure that items do not protrude through the bottom of the rack and block rotation of the middle spray arm. This could result in poor wash performance for items in the upper rack. Check to make sure that no items will block rotation of the wash arm. To load flatware, simply push the adjustable handle to either side (on some models). Put flatware in the removable basket with fork and knife handles up to protect your hands. Place spoons in the basket with handles down. Mix knives, forks and spoons so they don’t nest together. Distribute evenly. Small plastic items, such as measuring spoons and lids from small containers should go in the bottom of the silverware basket with the silverware on top. The one-piece silverware basket can be placed in the front, right side or back of the lower rack. A variety of options are available regarding the three-piece silverware basket (on some models) in your dishwasher. The complete basket is designed to fit on the right side of the lower rack. Additionally, each end of the basket is removable to add loading flexibility to accommodate flatwar...

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